Witley Court, Great Witley


Witley Court
When it comes to a first date, some people really plan everything down to the finest detail. Like eHarmony’s Dercyck, whose was so well thought out, we didn’t want to take credit for his idea. So we’ve let him introduce his recommendation for a West Midlands date venue:

“I chose Witely Court in Worcester – a great ruined country house in a beautiful setting of parklands, woods and a lake. There’s a huge working fountain that sets off every hour (very spectacular),” he says. “I took a picnic lunch for us, complete with a glass of bubbly each. It was a warm early summer day with a gentle breeze and we sat down to eat, knowing the fountain was 10 minutes from working. I had the bubbles ready…”

The vast remains of the 19th century mansion make for a beautiful outdoor date, even without the picnic and Champagne. The huge stone fountains are still standing, including the restored Perseus and Andromeda fountain which fires on the hour, every hour from 11am to 4pm on the weekends, and once described as making the ‘noise of an express train’.

There are walks through the grounds too, like the Woodland Walks in the North Park, which pass by species of tree and shrub from all over the world.

It’s managed by the English Heritage, so have a look at their site for more information – www.english-heritage.org.uk/daysout/properties/witley-court-and-gardens

Witley Court
Great Witley
Tel: 01299 896636

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