10 Excuses you Give for Still Being Single


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Many people are quite content with being single, until there’s the sudden and inevitable “why are you still single?” question from an overbearing relative, an obnoxious work colleague or a nosy acquaintance. It can catch you off-guard, making you feel like you have to justify your relationship status. Here are the top ten excuses you use to explain your singledom.

1. “All the good ones are spoken for already”


Everyone you meet who you might be interested in is already married or in a relationship. That’s it, isn’t it? It’s easy to feel like all the good ones have been snapped up already. Liz Lemon has a solution for you, though…

2. “I enjoy being single”


 And you probably do, for the most part. You get your me-time, your friends time, and you don’t have to answer to anyone’s expectations. In fact, you revel in it, especially when you can do your own thing.

3. “I’m afraid of commitment”


 A few relationship break-ups and commitment can look like a real drag, especially when you picture all relationships being like this one…

4. “I need to lose weight”


 It’s the classic excuse you give yourself. You’re not confident enough on the dating scene because you’re carrying a spare tyre. Which is all very well, but if you do want to be in a relationship, either throw caution to the wind or money at your local gym.

5. “I can eat whatever I want when I’m single”

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 It’s a way of making light of people’s concerns that you’re single, emphasising the fact that you’re free to do whatever you want. Including eat heart-disease inducing meals like this one.

6. “I’m not good at relationships”


 Although really you know this is a bad excuse – everyone has to learn how to be good in a relationship through practice and a few spectacular failures – it tends to be one that you use to shrug off the questions. Plus, Taylor Swift has made millions on having multiple break-ups so it could be a good retirement plan.

7. “I’m too busy”


 Married to the job, and all that. Maybe you have kids or other responsibilities. It’s easy to persuade yourself that you have too little time for dating, especially if you prioritise everything else above meeting people.

8. “I’m still not over my ex”

 It can take a long time to get over the moping, ice-cream eating, and sense of doom that goes along with getting over a relationship. But there’s only so much sympathy you’ll get from your friends and family if you’re constantly in a state of dejection about your former partner.

9. “I’m very fussy”

be great

 Which is a good thing, you should have high standards. As long as you’re not being unreasonable, it should hold you in good stead when traversing the dating scene.

10…Or maybe you just weren’t superstitious enough five years ago

chain email

 Yep, that’s probably it.

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