11 one-off wedding wonders



Are you a wedding guest dying to see the gowns worn by brides up and down the country this summer? Or are you a bride-to-be searching for your perfect dress? You’ll no doubt find a variety of elegant, white and ivory dresses on offer, but if you’re looking for something a bit more unconventional (and feeling brave) take some inspiration from these slightly bizarre brides instead. Your guests won’t be expecting this!

Cake dress

If you’re a chef who happens to be diving into matrimonial bliss, then what could you possibly contribute to the ceremony? A few sausage rolls? Maybe have a crack at the canapés? Or simply bake the dress. WAIT, BAKE THE DRESS?


Yes, Ukrainian cook, Valentyn Shtefano constructed his bride’s gown from 1500 cream puffs, various nuts, creams and wafers. It looks delicious!

Source – Seattle Times

Toilet paper dress

Weddings can be nerve-wracking for everyone involved, which may have inspired Ann Kagawa Lee of Hawaii to build this incredibly intricate dress. Made from miles of toilet paper and hours of patient origami folding, whatever the reason for the dress it really is stunning!


Source – Tree Hugger

Flower wedding dress

Great if you are a fan of the floral, not so good if you suffer from hay fever. This amazing gown is made up from 20,000 individual flowers, colour coordinated for maximum effect.


Source – My Lucky Dress

Balloon wedding dress

If the man in your life has already popped the question, then repay the compliment by potentially popping the wedding dress. Confused? You might well be to consider entering into the holy sanctity of marriage covered only in strategically placed balloons. Your first dance could be a squeaky affair.

Balloon dress

Source – Your Beautiful Event

Peacock wedding dress

All eyes will be on you as you pitch up at the registry office in this incredible creation, built from 2000 individual peacock feathers. This one off creation will cost you $1.5 million.

Peacock dress

Source – 4BP Blogspot

Body paint dress

Here’s a practical solution for the bride with a hectic lifestyle! If you’re too busy to pick up a dress but fortunately have quite a few tins of emulsion under the stairs, you’re in luck. As part of a television reality show, several prospective brides and grooms were paraded around central London wearing only matrimonial body paint. Not recommended for those with easily offended relatives.

body paint dress

Source – Instablog Images

Plastic bag wedding dress

We’ve heard of a trashy wedding, but is this taking things a little too far? This striking gown is made from a collection of discarded plastic bags. It was created by environmental campaigner, Judith Selby-Lang, to highlight waste and over-production.


Source – Visible Trash

Hello Kitty dress

You want to look cute on your wedding day, so dressing yourself up as the world’s favourite, Japanese cartoon cat is bound to make an impression. Your groom will probably be uttering a shocked “I do?” when he sets his eyes on it. On the plus side, it comes in both pink and blue.

Hello Kitty dress

Source – Molina Design

Rubber glove dress

Wedding dinners can sometimes be messy affairs so artist, Susie MacMurray, may have found the perfect solution. Her gown is made from 1400 inverted rubber gloves. Very easy to wipe down.


Source – 1BP Blogspot

Woollen wedding dress

What was Yves St Laurent thinking when creating this woolly wonder? Admittedly stunning, but one would have to shuffle rather than stride down the aisle.


Source – David Barrie

Football shirt wedding dress

Karen Bell’s fiancée was a fanatical Manchester City fan. So of course she made her wedding dress out of old replica shirts. They even went to watch the team play after the ceremony!


Source – Readit

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