Interview with our TV Star Joanne!



You might have seen Joanne on our TV ads recently (she is quite eye-catching, after all!) and we wanted to ask her a few questions about her experience using eHarmony.

Tell us a bit about you:

I’m a young professional working in Retail finance. When I’m not working I love going out and having fun with friends. I rarely get to meet guys unless it’s on a night out which I think is unlikely to develop into anything long term. I’ve never been one to date, especially a complete stranger, the idea makes me feel sick with nerves! I very much want to meet someone more naturally or at least get to know them as friends first.

 Why did you join eHarmony?

I had never been too sure about dating sites, but friends have met their husbands online and a close friend encouraged me to give it a go – after all what exactly did I have to lose?! I looked online at reviews and decided eHarmony was the one for me. I like that you are anonymous and cannot be searched for. Being ‘matched’ is actually quite fun to my surprise and I find the whole process very interesting and enjoyable… it’s definitely the modern way to meet people!

 Does eHarmony fit into your lifestyle / have you found it better than real life dating?

Yes eHarmony very much fits into my lifestyle. The matches tend to come through in the morning so whilst I’m waking myself up I find myself going through my matches, you could say it’s become a bit of a habit! It’s great to chat to people you wouldn’t ordinarily come into contact with. I found initially when first joining I focused very much on looks but you soon get tired of that and naturally become more interested in the person behind the picture.

 What are you hoping to find on here?

Ideally hoping to find my match, isn’t everyone searching for their soul mate?!

What’s your ideal date?

My ideal date would be the cinema as then I don’t have to speak and cannot really be seen, no awkward silences – haha!  On a serious note my ideal date would be an afternoon on the beach with a few beverages and nibbles, just chilling out and getting to know someone.

How did you select your profile photos?

I used ones from Facebook that were recent, admittedly from nights out – mainly because that’s when you look your best (or not as the case may be after a few wines)!

What do you notice first on someone’s profile?

Initially I would say a picture but then their job title and where they’re from.

What did you find tricky during the sign up process?

Nothing was tricky, it was all pretty easy and straightforward, the site takes you through all the necessary steps.

What are your top tips for other people using the site?

Top tips would be to read all of the advice given on the site, definitely follow the guidelines and don’t be too quick to jump in to meeting someone immediately.  Complete the information requested honestly so as not to waste your or other people’s time and most importantly to enjoy the whole process and fun!


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