5 ways travelling can change your life!



The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, in cinemas Boxing Day,  is this year’s life affirming, must-see movie starring Ben Stiller (who also directs) and Kristen Wiig.

In his secret life, Walter Mitty (Ben Stiller, who also directs) dreams big.. really, really big! There’s no challenge beyond his grasp, be it climbing a massive glacier or rescuing a senior citizen from an exploding building. When he’s not daydreaming, the not-so-secret life of Walter Mitty is the opposite of his heroic alter-ego’s; he’s just an everyday guy facing imminent career downsizing, who’s too timid to ask out his pretty co-worker (Kristen Wig). But when Walter faces his ultimate real-world test, he springs into action on a global adventure exceeding anything he could have dreamed of

So, how can travelling change your life for the better?

1. Meet new people

Wherever you go, you’re bound to make new friends. Whether they’re locals or fellow travellers, you’ll soon find yourself sparking up friendships and maybe even romances with people who you’d never thought you’d meet. A lot of people who travel say that the people they meet during their experience often become life long friends and future travelling partners. If you’re the type of person who struggles to meet new people in your everyday life, travelling is often the push you need. Away from the comforts of your own home and 24 hour access to the internet, you’ll soon find yourself a companion or three!

2. Appreciate what you’ve got

It’s easy to forget how great you have things if they just become part of your day to day life. Sure, a night in front of the TV sounds boring now, but if you’ve been away from it for a few months then putting your feet up and watching a movie might suddenly sound  fantastic. Depending on where you travel to, you may experience a lot of cultures who don’t have some of the home comforts and luxuries we have here in the UK, and learning to live without those for a short while could be difficult at first. But when you get back home, you’re bound to start appreciating the small things again!

3. Experience freedom

Never underestimate the power of feeling free! Chances are you’ve spent most of your life in education or in work. If not, you’ve probably spent a good portion of your time trying to get into education or work. Does a 2 week vacation once a year help? It sure does. When you get back home do you feel like you never really left? Probably. Travelling isn’t about having a structured plan of activities (although we definitely recommend some planning!), and it’s not about just using up your annual leave. It’s about really and truly experiencing freedom. Waking up and not knowing what you’ll do, then doing whatever you like anyway – whatever feels good. Don’t think about the pressures and stresses of your life back home. This is an opportunity for you to learn about the world around you and, ultimately, yourself.

4. Become more cultured

It sounds obvious, but if you experience new cultures then you’re bound to become more cultured. While you’re travelling, make sure that you take the time to learn about the history of the places you visit, take part in local rituals and traditions, talk to the people who’ve always lived there and, of course, try out the local cuisine! These are once in a life time opportunities, don’t miss out on them! Even if you know you can find out more information online, it’s not the same as finding out first hand so be sure to use this an excuse to talk to other people. When you do return home, you’ll have a wealth of experience and interesting facts to draw back on – particularly useful if you want to impress a new date or colleague!

5. Trust your instincts

When you’re in an unfamiliar place, miles away from home, you’re going to need your wits about you. If you’re travelling alone, it’s particularly important to tune in to your instincts. These feelings are rarely needed and often ignored when back at home, as you get used to certain areas you feel safer in and certain people you trust. When you’re travelling, you’re starting from scratch and your gut feeling is going to become your new best friend. Learning to trust your instincts is going to serve you well through the rest of your life, whether it’s with a conflict at work or someone you’ve recently started dating.

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