6 (surprising) things that make a successful date


As you probably know, we do a lot of research to bring you the most compatible matches possible. But what you might not know is that we also look into those little things that mean you’re more likely to connect and have a great first date. We call these our Great Date Indicators (GDI), and in researching these we’ve come across 6 indicators that might find surprising.

1.       Your sense of humour

Our GDIs show that we often choose to connect with people who have a different sense of humour to us. So, if you’re into slapstick humour you might find yourself drawn to a match who prefers dark, satirical humour.

2.       Gender stereotypes

Though we live in a liberated society, people who conform to gender stereotypes get more interest when online dating. For example, if a man says he is into shopping, fewer women will communicate with him (sorry male shopaholics, we just say what we see in the data!) On the other hand, fewer men will strike up a conversation with women in a position of authority.

3.       Your spending habits

Men are more likely to connect with a woman who saves her cash – unless they are men who spend freely, in which case they’ll talk to women who spend freely too. On a related note, women who spend freely are much more likely to view lots of profiles but not communicate. We call this the “window shopping effect”.

4.       The yoga effect

Yoga is universally appealing. Men or women who say they do yoga get significantly more communication than those who don’t. (But don’t put yoga on your profile unless you actually practice it – you’ll soon get found out!)

5.       Nobody likes a couch potato

Active lifestyles are appealing, and vice versa, a couch potato lifestyle is a turn off – even to a couch potato.

6.       A varied diet works wonders

Liking all kinds of foods will net your more communication from the opposite sex. On the other hand, a fast food habit could really limit your chances, even with other burger fans. Oh, and less surprisingly, vegetarians attract vegetarians…

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