Camels and Couches – Watch the New eHarmony TV Advert


Camel and Geoff

What’s 7ft tall, covered in hair and terrible at small talk? Meet the star of eHarmony’s new TV advert, our very own dating dromedary!

We hope you like the ad, we’re very proud of it; although it’s only 30 seconds long, it took an entire day’s filming, including the construction of a special camel-sized couch! Check out these exclusive behind-the-scenes pictures showing how we brought our idea to life.

Couch building

A big camel needs a big couch

Our stars meet

Our two TV stars meet for the first time

Getting comfortable on the couch

Getting comfortable on the couch

Here at eHarmony we know it can be frustrating when sites match you with dates based purely on simple factors such as where you live, or your age. That’s why we take the time to get to know you before showing you compatible matches.

From sense of humour, to passion or sociability, our years of studying successful relationships has allowed us to identify the factors needed to help you find that special person guaranteed to leave you with that butterflies feeling.

And if you’re wondering what a butterfly moment is, we’ll leave it to former eHarmony member Helen, who found her partner on the site, to explain:

“We had our first kiss at the end of our first date. He had travelled to St Helens from Blackpool via train and we said our goodbyes outside the station.

“During our kiss I felt like my heart was going to push out of my chest, it was such a lovely feeling and those first few weeks emailing led to that being more intense as I felt I knew him.”


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