Can you plan a wedding in 6 months with £6000?


darren and elise

We enjoy a good romance here at eHarmony, so we were very happy to hear from Darren, previously one of our members. He met Elise through eHarmony back in 2012 and he proposed to her last month. That’s not all though – he’s planning on marrying her in just 6 months time, with an allowance of £6000… and Elise doesn’t know!

Imagine ‘Don’t tell the bride’, but with half the budget!

Darren’s best man was the brains behind the scheme and in true best man style, he’s made sure Darren’s got his work cut out for him. No challenge would be complete without a clear set of rules, so here’s the guide Darren’s going to be living by for the next half of 2014:


1. It has to be within 6 months (he has until 4th July 2014).
2. It has to cost £6,000 or less.
3. He cannot compromise on quality, he can only use his negotiation skills and craftsmanship to save money.
4. He must not reduce the volume of guests to reduce costs (expected attendance of 90-100 guests).
5. His fiancé, Elise, cannot find out from him.
6. He cannot pay the asking price on anything.  Every product, service or venue supplied must be discounted.
7. He will show his best man all receipts from suppliers to prove costings.

Easy, right? Hmmm, well, we don’t envy him! However, we do want to help make Darren and Elise’s big day something special.

So, here’s where you come in – what advice or tips could you give to Darren to help him make his dream wedding come true?

We want to hear all of your cost-cutting, frugal fishing, sale snapping tips for planning a wedding! Whether you can recommend him to a local supplier or you’re particularly crafty and know some ways he can cut corners (but not quality) by being creative, let Darren know in the comments below or by contacting him on Twitter @my_6k_wedding


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