“Cufflinks”: Love in the fast lane – 5 ways to spruce your dating life in your lunch break.



On this week’s Apprentice task, team “Endeavour” created online dating website, “Cufflinks” for professional singles. With a hectic work schedule, how can you find time to date and build new relationships?

Long hours, business meetings, short deadlines – when you’re so engrossed in your work, it’s difficult to find time for yourself, but you should always remember to make time for your personal relationships.

Follow our five tips to help improve your love life during your lunch break.

1.       Start with you.

You can’t put all of your energy into building a new relationship before you know exactly what you’re looking for, what you want in the future and inevitably who you are as a person. Take one hour to think just about you. Consider what time you can realistically allocate to dating. Be completely honest with yourself– it’s okay if you decide that you’re only free at certain times during the week and need to be with someone who can be time flexible.

When discussing your thoughts with a new partner, set expectations from the start and you should both be able to work around your busy lifestyle.

2.       Write or spruce up your online dating profile.

Whether you’re creating your first online profile or having a look back at one that already exists, it’s important that it really helps you to stand out from the crowd. Your profile should be a true, honest and positive reflection of yourself.

Make sure you’re not just talking about the things you like, but mention why you like them too and what they bring to your life. Stand out by talking about your passions and the things that you just can’t live without. Before you click save, check for any grammatical errors – would you hand in a report at work without spell checking?!

3.       Boost your profile photos

Photographs are very important when online dating, as chemistry and attraction come hand in hand. In fact, you’re four times more likely to be communicated with if you upload a photo, so spend an hour finding your best shots.

You should include:

a)      A recent head shot of you in good light, taken with a quality camera. Make sure you smile too.

b)      A body shot of you in one of your favourite places – don’t stand too far away from the camera!

c)       You in your leisure time, whether that’s playing tennis or at a family dinner. Make sure you add a caption to say who you are if there are others in the photo.

4.       Go on a date

Although sometimes nerve-wracking, first dates of course play a huge part in whether you’ll meet again, so make the most of your hour. If you’re meeting during your lunch break, make sure that you both know your time limit and can get to and from your date venue easily. You may find that meeting for a quick coffee can actually reduce expectations and allow you to relax, as you know that you’re not expected to spend hours and hours together.

Keep things light and friendly – ask questions and listen to their answers, as with any conversation. At the end of the date you’ll hopefully leave wanting to know more about the other person. You can then arrange to meet for an extended time, when you’re both next available.

5.       Make the most of yourself

Interesting people encourage interest from others. If you focus all your efforts on work you’ll likely find that work is the only thing you have to talk about.

Boost your single life, whether that’s trying something new or making the most of the things you already love. Think about your favourite things to do when you’re away from work. Do you enjoy trying new restaurants, engrossing yourself in a book or visiting the theatre? You don’t necessarily need to learn a new language or sign up to a rock climbing course to make the most of your time. Taking an hour at lunch to read your favourite book or buy tickets to the theatre is important too.

It will take more than an hour to find serious commitment, but making small changes is a great first step. If finding a relationship is essential to you, then being busy is more an excuse than a reason not to find a new partner.

Are you a busy professional who finds it difficult to date? Do you have any tips on how to find a new relationship? Comment and join our conversation now.

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