Donna’s Dating Diary: Great Expectations


You know those dates where expectations are way too high? Well, this was one of those. It had everything stacked against it; I’d been rushing around like a crazy lady on mummy duties and felt totally stretched work wise. We had agreed to meet friends, and there is the small matter that he lives on the other side of the globe and he had flown in for the occasion…so, no pressure. Help me! But, nothing ventured, nothing gained…

I book a pedi/mani at real hair because I guess if I’m doing this I should at least make an effort. At least it’s Bellsies’ salon so she can give me a pep talk and a bit of therapy during the process.  How long do you have to be dating before your date flies in for dinner?! Mmmm… We discuss all sorts and clothes-wise we opt for the trouser and heel look (Bellsie’s favourite).  That’s the one, small blessing of having a date with someone different to the last date, you can repeat a look without them knowing!

I get home and jump into the bath. Now I’ve had some girlie time and the hair is done, I’m starting to – dare I say it – “look forward to it”. My daughter is staying with her dad which has worked out well, and she’s really excited about a “date” with her Dad, so I don’t feel too guilty about going out. Bless, for a 6-year-old she is quite the romantic. How brilliant that my date falls in half term so no school run the following day either!

I just hope my date doesn’t turn up with flowers or anything else cringey. For the record, guys, these are all lovely, almost essential things after you’ve been dating a few months but can be just plain awkward in the early days. The door bell rings. I’ve had a glass of wine. He looks really handsome (not just because of the wine). We drive to one of my favourite Italian restaurants.

My idea of meeting other friends turns out to be genius. It takes any pressure from the evening with someone I’m not yet decided on. Now it really just feels like a fun night out. Dinner was delicious, everyone gets along and we go on afterwards. My date really is a great guy and it was lovely spending time with him. I’m not sure if there are any long term prospects as he does live on the other side of the globe. There’s always a catch!  However it was the most perfect evening and I realised how silly and anxious I’d been earlier. It’s funny how we do it to ourselves. I almost cancelled the whole evening due to feeling (like most people these days) totally overloaded time-wise, which nearly gave me a mini meltdown.  I now realise that sometimes the hardest thing to do is nothing. Hold your nerve and carry on regardless because more often than not, if you just let things be, they can – and do – turn out just right.

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