Donna’s Dating Diary: Learning to eat peas


This was a fourth date with someone who really had me a bit puzzled. Apparently you know by the third date if he’s not for you, but I’m intrigued so I investigate further. The reason being he is probably one of the nicest, smartest, most consistent guys I’ve ever met. So that is why I find myself on date number 4 with Mr. Nice even though my heart isn’t beating quite as fast as it should be…yet…I stick with it.

He’s physically very attractive and I definitely did a double take when I met him on my travels in the holidays. He is the kind of man my Mum would love. The type of man I would be so happy if my daughter brought home one day as I’d have peace of mind he’d take great care of her. The type of man back in the day, I would have considered, dare I say it, “a little boring”. However I have dated the impulsive, so -called exciting guys and for one reason or another that hasn’t worked out. Often it’s that impulsive nature that has ended up leading to some form of heartache. Relationships that start at such heights can often end up with great lows. So I decide to change my pattern for a while. Wouldn’t it be great to meet a man that gets more exciting over time as opposed to the other way around?

I have always had a great time with this guy, and as my girlfriend who always cuts to the chase tells me on the telephone: “Dude, learning to love the right man is like eating peas. I hated peas my entire life then one day I grew up and realised they were good for me. So I kept trying them… yes I had to force them down on a couple of occasions but now I really love peas and feel much healthier and happier for it”. “OH”, I say.

“Yes” she says, “that is when I met Michael [her husband], when I started eating greens. Yes they would be boring if I had to eat them on their own every day of my life, but they are a great staple on any menu, always there, and they rock with the right main course”. I think I was getting what she was trying to tell me amidst various shrieks from her kids in the background. And a large drilling sound.

“Do you have the builders in?” I ask “No, I’m expressing. We’re away at the weekend for some wretched wedding”. Oh, I see … “OK I’ve got to go” she said. “But dude, learn to eat peas for Christ sake will you!” And with that in mind I quickly get dressed and head off to meet my side of greens, for a movie date. He’s very easy about what we see. I love the film. Half way through I wonder what I would do if he goes to kiss me but he doesn’t. He doesn’t even hold my hand on the way back to the car. Yet he seems really pleased to be with me and says the sweetest things… but still, no kiss. I have to say I’m confused by this one, he really does have me baffled.

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