Donna’s Diary: Lightning can strike twice…


I’ve been fretting about what to wear on this date – clearly a sign that I’m more interested than the previously. I don’t think you should reveal your killer dress until date number three at least. And always try to work it out before the kids are back from school. Otherwise choosing your outfit when little detectives are around could lead to serious interrogation.

It’s also simply too stressful a job when teamed with kids’ bath, dinner,  homework, and bedtime stories into the hour allocation that most busy mums have  for the multiple of tasks. So when we meet in the bar at Blake’s I have already opted for my favourite Paul Smith trousers, Miu Miu heel, and Rick Owens top. This is an outfit that has even been loaned to girlfriends since as the perfect ‘first date look’. I always feel more in control in trousers and I buy a new bag for the occasion.

He looks extremely elegant and I find myself noticing things like skin-tone, his smell and his smile which are all getting the thumbs up. I’m smiling very much too. We go around the corner for dinner and he has picked somewhere fun and relaxed and the conversation reflects this. I find him easy to talk to. We have a lot in common and he has a slightly ‘offbeat’ humour which I like a lot. He seems to have a real depth and integrity which I also find attractive.

I’m very happy when he asks if I’d like to go for a drink on the way home, and he holds my hand which fits just right and as I walk down the street I lose all sight of the fact that I have to be up in just seven hours.

In the spirit of sharing with you all this date turned into many many dates – I fell in love ‘a second time around’. I fell fast and I fell hard. For whatever reason it didn’t work out but I’m pleased to say he’s still part of my life, still special to me, still makes me smile and the experience has given me faith that I’m secure in the knowledge that lightning can indeed strike twice.

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