eHarmony Challenge #3: Communicate!


As it’s the new year we thought it was time for another eHarmony challenge. You can also check out our previous photo and profile challenges, if you want to complete the set!

People sometimes ask us about how they can get more communication on eHarmony – after all, that’s the ultimate goal of being on a dating site: to talk to new, exciting and interesting people.

But, two things can get in the way of getting lots of communication:

Not being proactive – ladies especially, we’re looking at you. There’s nothing wrong in 2013 with contacting someone first, even if it’s just an Icebreaker or a quick email. Men can be shy too, take the initiative, give them a chance.

Judging on profile photo alone – we know physical attraction is important, but sometimes someone’s profile photos might not show the best of them. If there’s a match you’re not 100% sure about, take a couple of minutes to get in touch with them, you might be pleasantly surprised by what they have to say.

So, this January, take the time to contact at least 5 matches per week. There will be lots more new people coming to the service in the spirit of new year, new beginnings. Grab that opportunity and have some fun! Let us know how you get on in the comments.

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