How Fast Will You Fall In Love? [Infographic]


how fast will you

When it comes to dropping the L-bomb with a new partner, you want to make sure you get the timing just right, but which area of the UK is faring best in our love league and who’s saying it first? Our infographic explains all!

On average it takes four months to utter an ‘I love you’ for the first time to your partner. Does that seem a little soon to you? Perhaps not if you’re Welsh!

Our research reveals that the Welsh are 50 days ahead of the national average of four months when it comes to saying those three little words for the first time. In contrast though, Londoners wait a lot longer, with those living in the capital taking 175 days to tell their partner.

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We also discovered that once in love, East Anglians are the most passionate, telling their partners that they love them an astonishing 21 times per week! That’s six times more than the UK average – awww. But when it comes to the Scots, they’re a little choosier with how often they say those special words. On average, they utter just three “I love you”s per week.

Think men aren’t as forthcoming with their emotions? Think again! 

We found that guys are twice as likely as women to be the first to reveal their feelings. Not only that but they’re also more likely to remember how and when this happened than women too.

Our research also revealed that summer is the most common time of year for people to say “I love you” in general, and Saturday is the most popular day to declare love to a partner for the first time.

Where do we say it?

In terms of location, the majority of Brits chose to keep this moment private and share their feelings with their partner at home or whilst cuddled up in bed. Of those that did say, “I love you” in public, the pub was identified as the top spot, followed by a romantic meal at a restaurant.

Commenting on the study, Dr Glenn Wilson, an expert in attitude and personality measurement, said: “The UK has a broad spread of local culture that comes with differing levels of openness in communicating love. Those living in urban areas are often more cautious and pragmatic with their feelings, partly because of their fast-paced lifestyles but also because of the perceived dangers that come with living in a city.”

“In contrast, rural areas generally have a much stronger sense of community – with families often based in the same area for a number of generations. In such close-knit communities, people tend to be more open and willing to share how they feel.”



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