Why Grabbing a Coffee in Edinburgh is the Perfect First Date


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Written for eHarmony by Edinburgh Coffee Lovers

There’s something very romantic about the cobbled streets and wynds of Edinburgh, crammed with beautiful and ornate stone buildings of all shapes and sizes and abuzz with locals and visitors. One of the most historically intact city centres in the world, you can’t help but get a sense of how people lived and loved from mediaeval times through to now. Edinburgh is also now bristling with coffee shops that serve up some of the best coffee in the UK. We’re talking really good coffee that is a joy to drink. So we’ve got a very romantic backdrop, combined with some of the best coffee around, a perfect place for a date, whether it be early in your relationship or after you’ve gotten to know each other better. Here are some options to tempt you…

Check out that castle – Castello Coffee – Castle Street New Town



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Everyone knows about Edinburgh Castle for good reason: it’s pretty splendid perched above everything else on a pile of rock that’s been occupied since the Bronze Age. Good reasons to make a date at Castello:

  • Castello Coffee has outdoor tables and chairs under umbrellas with a view straight up to that castle – damn romantic
  • Plenty of folk coming and going along Castle street for some people watching
  • No-one pushing you out the door to give your seat to someone else. Chill and relax

Minimalist edge meets the old world – Filament Coffee – Victoria Street Old Town


The Old Town of Edinburgh dates from around 12-17th century and is on the Castle side of town. Its higgledy-piggledy buildings are jammed into every bit of available space on the ridge that runs from the castle to the Queen’s Holyrood Palace. Filament Coffee is a cracker of a place for date because:

  • It’s in amongst the beautiful craziness of the Old Town with the Mound at the top and Grassmarket at the bottom. Just the walk to your date here is a lovely experience that sets you up well for romance
  • Filament occupies a big indoor space with huge windows and a boho-meets-minimalist feel. It’s got a bit of edginess about it, plenty of seating and is friendly and very relaxed
  • If things are going well and you’ve finished your coffee, your date can naturally segue to beer and wine

Grab a coffee in the sun – Peter’s Yard Quartermile – Middle Meadow Walk


Yes the sun does shine in Edinburgh quite often! Granted, you can’t always bank on it lasting very long, but with the sun going down at 11pm in summer, you’re bound to get some good weather at some point in the day. Peter’s Yard Quartermile is a brilliant informal date option for these reasons:

  • its famous Scandinavian artisan breads and amazing pastries, seriously fabulous – it also has other great food and seating inside and outside
  • its located on the edge of The Meadows, a huge, open park in the Uni district with lots of people passing by so you’ll have plenty of natural hub-bub to fuel conversation
  • sitting outside in the open air is relaxing, you’re not over-heard by other patrons and you can wear whatever you like.

By way of a little extra tip, these coffee shops are small, independent and deeply committed to making you lovely coffee. When you order, have a short chat with the barista and ask them what they recommend rather than launching into your usual order. Not only will you end up with a great coffee, you’ll set your date up with a warm and friendly start that shows you’re open to new experiences.

Edinburgh coffee lovers is a blog that hopes to help locals and visitors who are passionate about their brew find the best coffee available in and around the city centre. Edinburgh boasts an ever-growing number of great coffee shops, if you’re dating in Edinburgh you’ll be spoilt for choice on edinburghcoffeelovers.blogspot.co.uk

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