It’s the return of the MAC!


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According to our latest studies, the return of the MAC – ‘Man After Commitment’ to you and me – is really happening! Today’s man is more committed than ever and looking to settle down at a younger age.

Modern men are now more akin to their grandfather’s generation when it comes to finding a partner, feeling ready for a committed relationship at the age of 22. This compares to ‘Noughties man’ who was ready for commitment by 24 and ’90s man’ who didn’t want to commit until he was 26.

Similarly, today’s twenty-something man feels ready to move in with their partner at a younger age than both their parents’ and grandparents’ generations, at just 24.

Why so serious?

Researchers found a number of reasons behind this shift away from casual relationships.

  • A quarter of single men questioned said it was due to their desire to start a family
  • One in five admitted than they worry about being left on the shelf while their friends are settling down
  • Nearly a third confess to a fear of being alone

Famous MACs?

The celebrity world isn’t immune from a desire to settle down while young either.

  • Chef Jamie Oliver married partner Jools aged 25
  • One Direction star Zayn Malik proposed to Perrie Edwards aged just 20.
  • McFly drummer Harry Judd tied the knot with model Izzy Johnston last year when he was 26
  • Footballer Theo Walcott wed long-term girlfriend Melanie Slade in June 2013 at the age of 24

What are you scared of?

Despite this shift, some old perceptions and fears about commitment still remain. Loss of independence rated highly as a worry among one in five (21 per cent) single men as did the fear that with extra commitment comes extra responsibility (8 per cent).

Jenni Trent Hughes, eHarmony’s relationship expert, commented: “This study confirms what we have been seeing online for the past five years at eHarmony – an evolution in male attitudes towards commitment. Online dating now provides the perfect platform for men to be honest about what they want from a relationship, revealing a shift towards a more committed type of man.”


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