Love Sundays Weekly Roundup 14/12/14


Forget the crowded high streets full of last minute present shoppers, stop worrying about what you said to your boss at the Christmas party, pour yourself a steaming mug of hot chocolate and relax, because it’s another wonderful Sunday.

At eHarmony we Love Sundays, they’re the perfect time to reclaim your Me Time and do something for yourself, away from the pressures of the working week. And if you’re looking for a little inspiration for something to do this weekend then you’re in the right place – we’ve got some great challenges for body, soul, mind and heart, all in one convenient post.

This week’s challenges come from Shemelia Douglas, of But before we get to them, we asked Shemilia to share her perfect Sunday with us.

Shemelila Douglas

My Perfect Sunday

Sundays for me is all about trying to relax as much as I can. Possibly shaking off a hangover and mourning for the loss of another weekend! I have no problems in wasting the day with complete unadulterated Me Time!

Usually I will head off for a walk to my local coffee shop in the village for a cheeky chai latte which are my new favourite things. Getting out of the house makes me feel like I’ve actually done something for the day even if it’s a 20 minute walk.

Lunch has to be a Sunday roast of course! Getting a group of mates together for a carvery or pub grub is an absolute must. I may be in a food coma afterwards, but it would’ve been totally worth it.

Back in my apartment I will either catch up on TV shows I missed in the week or settle down for a movie on Netflix. There is nothing quite like your sofa, a duvet and snacks when binging on your favourite telly or films.

The Love Sundays challenges


The challenge: Call your mum/dad/close family member.

Why: Reconnecting with those who brought you into the world or positively influenced your formative years is uber important. Life sometimes gets in the way, but don’t leave it too long to check in and get back to grassroots. Talk about anything and everything or just a 2 minute call to say you love them and you are thinking of them. Lots of good happy vibes!

Tip: You don’t have to find a reason to pick up the phone. Just dial the number and see what happens.


The Challenge: Get up and out the front door for a walk.

Why: Getting some fresh air in those lungs and stretching your legs can do wonders for not just your body but your mind. Light exercise (I’m not talking power walking to the point of exhaustion!) is a great way to keep your body ticking over.

Tip: Don’t just walk down a main road with views of concrete buildings. Take a different route to your destination that is slightly more attractive to look at.


The Challenge:  Pick up a book or a fancy Kindle device.

Why: Scrolling for hours on the likes of Facebook can dull your mind. Escape through literature and expand your mind with new worlds and adventures… or simply someone else’s story. We often get caught up in our own drama that we forget to unwind and switch off by reading.

Tip: Choose something light if you just want to kick back for an hour or so. If it’s downtime you want, then avoid a book that is full on and hard hitting because it might defeat the whole point.


The Challenge: Make a realistic list of all the things you want to achieve in 2015.

Why: Having something to look forward to can often pulls us out of a rut. It also helps keep you focused. I’m sure it’s been said a million times how we only have one life and so why not make it the best life we can possibly have! So stop procrastinating and make a plan. Plus there’s always that weird sense of satisfaction when you tick things of a list.

Tip: Making a list is all good and well if you actually cross those things off! Make the list realistic to you and your lifestyle. An around the world trip is only amazing if you have the cash, time and insatiable wanderlust. Be as big and as bold as you like… but be wary of getting too carried away.

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