The Love Sundays Weekly Roundup 23/11/14


Sure as night follows day and the doorbell ringing follows you stepping into the shower, there’s one thing guarantee to follow the working week… the weekend!

Here at eHarmony we Love Sundays and we want to help you feel the same. Once again we bring you a weekly dose of fantastic Sunday challenges, expert anecdotes and a great opportunity to win an exclusive prize.


Lucy Beresford

Top author and psychotherapist Lucy Beresford dropped into the eHarmony offices this week to sign some copies of her new book Happy Relationships: at home, work & play. Because we love to share we’re offering you the chance to win one of these five signed copies.

Simply email us at with the subject line “Love Sundays” or head over to our Twitter and RT to win this Sunday. The competition closes at midnight on Tuesday November 25, so make sure you’ve entered before then!

Discover Lucy’s perfect Sunday later in this post.

Love Sundays challenges

Looking for some inspiration for making the most of your Me Time this Sunday? Once again we have four simple challenges to help you revitalise your body, mind, soul and heart.


The challenge: Pick an alternative destination for a date.

Why: A change is as good as a rest, as the old saying goes. So when you’re planning your dating week ahead, why not forget the usual pubs and restaurants and take a chance on somewhere new? If you’re heading out on an eHarmony date then our unique compatibility matching means your match is more likely to enjoy the same activities as you, so why not take a chance?

Tip: Stuck for inspiration? Check out our Great Date Guide for perfect date locations recommended by eHarmony members.


This week’s body challenge comes from fashion and beauty blogger Megan of Seek My Scribbles.

The Challenge: Pop on your favourite facemask, light a scented candle and take a relaxing hot bubble bath.

Why:The facemask will work wonders on your skin and the candle and bubble bath will leave you feeling relaxed, pampered and ready to face work on Monday.

Tip: Use a lavender scented bath product to calm the mind and relieve any aches or pains you’re experiencing. One of my favourites is the Twilight bath bomb from Lush.


The Challenge: Turn off your TV, switch off your smartphone and set aside some time to lose yourself in a good book.

Why: Apart from the fact that reading has been shown to improve the connectivity of your brain, a great book can whisk you away from all your worries and transport you to lands where anything is possible.

Tip: Not sure what you fancy reading? Let the internet decide with this handy tool to tell you what you should read next.


The Challenge: Write a diary entry for your day

Why: Research has shown that exploring your feelings by writing a diary can make you happier. Modern technology allows you to share every moment of your day with strangers around the world, so why not create something for you and you alone to keep as a memento of your day?

Tip: Remember, nobody but you is going to read this, so don’t worry about spelling or other mistakes, just write what you feel.

My Perfect Sunday

We asked Lucy Beresford to share her perfect Sunday with us:

“Sunday is the day to indulge your inner child! A lie-in is a must, stretching and feeling cosy. Then once up, I whizz-up a vibrant smoothie using blueberries, banana and soya milk.

“A walk somewhere rural (or if, like me, you live in a city, the nearest park), kicking up leaves and talking to random dogs who come to sniff my shoes. Then after lunch, I might take a trip to a department store, to play for free with all the testers of make-up and skin-care products, because I love the way I can make myself feel good with experimentation or reinvention.

“I will always make time for baking: the kitchen smells divine and, don’t forget, a slice of home-made cake made with butter is far better for you than a slice of something shop-bought made with additives, colourings and chemicals. I’ll even make a log fire; it’s the perfect accompaniment to afternoon tea.

“Finally in the evening, good old friends come round for fish pie. My mate Nicholas will play the piano and we’ll all pretend we’re eighteen again, belting out our musical theatre favourites (now you can see why I invited the neighbours…).”

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