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A barge may not be as glamorous as the Titanic, but at least Ben Goodwin and Faye were in little danger of encountering any icebergs in their pic.

Catherine Miller (@katylittlelady) shared this adorable take on biblical epic Noah. She said: "It's romantic because you really are committing to a life partner!"

David Brownlie-Marshall took to the dance floor for his entry - recreating a scene from Anna Karenina

Jenny Long (@JennyLongScribe) recreated a classic piece of 80s movie romance with this scene from Say Anything

Sam Ball displayed some model behaviour with his Lego version of Dirty Dancing

Vee Smith (@nessy956) swapped pottery for Play-Doh to recreate this classic scene from Ghost

Our winner Chris Fletcher cooked up this hilarious recreation of Disney classic Lady and the Tramp

From sharing a plate of meatballs to standing on the rails of the Titanic, Hollywood has filled our screens with iconic romantic moments. But why should the stars have all the fun? We challenged you to recreate your favourite romantic scene and share it with us as part of our #movieHarmony competition.

With takes on films such as Dirty Dancing, Ghost and Titanic, you can see some of our favourite entries in the gallery above.

We loved the imagination and humour which went into so many of our entries, but our judges’ favourite came from Chris Fletcher, who recreated a classic scene from Disney’s Lady and the Tramp with his girlfriend Purmala. This couple decided to recreate the scene to commemorate a funny mix up from when they first started dating.

Chris said: “On our second date I had tried to cook up spaghetti and meatballs but got the quantities a bit mixed up and made an absolute mountain of the stuff…

“I then tried to cover my embarrassment making plenty of jokey references to the film which went right over Purmala’s head as she grew up in Nepal and had never seen the movie and thought at the time I was a bit of a weirdo for pretending to roll a meatball over to her with my nose (We’d had plenty to drink by this point in my defense)!

“I later had to get a YouTube clip of the movie to show her that I wasn’t some sort of lunatic, or that this wasn’t some kind of strange English eating custom!”

Chris and Purmala won a mini-break to Belgium courtesy of new Daniel Radcliffe movie What If.

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