New Year’s Resolutions with eHarmony and Friends


New Year 2015

This year we’re bucking tradition and refusing to forget about auld acquaintance, after all here at eHarmony we made some fantastic friends in 2014, many of whom you will have seen here in our blog.

To kick off the New Year we asked a selection of our friends to reveal their resolutions and inspiring goals for 2015. Have a read, and we would love to hear your resolutions, so why not leave them in the comments at the bottom?

Caroline Brealey

Matchmaker Caroline Brealey is pledging not to be a slave to her mobile in 2015. She said: “My mobile phone has started to drive me mad. So much so I had the temptation to throw it in the Thames the other day!

“Not only does is seem to beep all the time but I’ve found myself using it without noticing. Like the other day when I was at lunch with a friend. She popped to the loo and I was straight on facebook.

“I don’t want to be one of those people who can’t go an hour without checking their phone. I see couples on dates doing it all the time, not only is it rude but live in the here and now. Worryingly, I’ve started to become one of those people, which is why in 2015 my mobile will be staying firmly in my bag!”

Lucy Beresford

Writer and psychotherapist Lucy Beresford has kept her resolution enjoyable and achievable: “I’m going to aim to cook one new recipe a week. Should be great fun and I think I’ll learn a few new techniques too.”

Saskia Nelson

Dating photographer Saskia Nelson picked a mix of personal and professional for her resolution. She said: “I’m a big New Year’s fan and love making resolutions.

“I am going to keep pushing myself a little bit further out my comfort zone, when it comes to my photography and the business – by trying new ideas, approaching new people to connect with, experimenting with my photography style with some personal photo projects etc.

I’m looking forward to 2015 already!”

Dating expert Sasha Wowesny had this suggestion for a New Year’s Resolution to rejuvenate your love life: “Start dating the people you deserve and who make you feel good. Get rid of toxic loves and negatives surrounding you.”

Rebecca Perkins stephen cotterell photography

Author and personal performance coach Rebecca Perkins challenged eHarmony members to take a different approach to resolutions: “Ask yourself this question….’How do I want to feel in 2015?’ (Don’t underestimate the power held within these few words).

“Now open your journal and write, let it all come pouring out. When you’ve written as much as you can ask these 3 questions.

“What step can I take today to move me in the direction of how I want to feel? What do I need to stop doing or let go of in order to feel how I want to feel? What or who is standing in the way of how I want to feel?”

Whatever you’re planning for 2015 eHarmony wishes you a Happy New Year!

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