Not all online dating sites are the same


With the announcement that a global dating company has been engaging with members through false profiles set up by its employees, we would like to reaffirm our stance on this matter.

First and foremost it is vital that we confirm that eHarmony has never encouraged any of its employees or contractors to build a false profile in order to communicate with members of our service or mislead our users, and has not hired anyone to do so.  In addition, when you sign up on, we do not share your profile information with any other dating sites. Not only have we not engaged in activities of this sort, we actively oppose this behaviour.

We recognise that when you make the decision to join our dating service, that you are putting your heart out there, with the intention of meeting other singles that you click with, and that you can start something meaningful with.  As some of you will know, when you sign-up to eHarmony you will have to fill out a relationship questionnaire. It’s not short! But it exists for a reason. We want to get to know who are you are, what makes you you, after all everyone is different. And then we match you only with people with real potential.

We are here to help you on your dating journey, that’s why we have several stages of communication in our product, which means that you can safely and securely get to know genuine members of our service at your own pace. In short, we strive to ensure that you meet likeminded people in a safe and secure environment.

Communicating with members of dating services using false profiles is dishonest and against the morals of our service.

It’s important to remember that all online dating sites are different, they invite a different audience and the vision of what the site exists for is different. At eHarmony, we want to be able to offer a dating environment that honours your privacy. When you join our service you do exactly that, join our service, we will never offer your details to any other sites, or service.

Our promise to our customers is that we will openly continue to oppose such activity, and work to create a dating environment that results in new successful relationships forming.

Bryn Snelson, Country Manager, eHarmony UK

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