Are you ready for Anti-Valentine’s Day?


Anti-Valentine's Day

If you are looking for love then you might want to pick another day as today, the 14th of December, is officially the least romantic day of the year. Aisling Lawless introduces us to Anti-Valentine’s Day

Why do we call the 14th December Anti-Valentine’s Day I hear you wonder…..?

Well, it’s due to the dramatic drop in dating interest that we see on this day. There are a number of reasons for this but evidence suggests that, at this time of year, Brits are moving their attention away from romance, focusing on themselves and celebrating Christmas before starting afresh in the New Year.

This is according to the eHarmony Lovedex, a daily measure of Brits’ interest in romance, on a scale of 0 to 100. The daily average is calculated with the help of the Future Foundation and uses three key indicators – daily Google search data for ‘dating’ terms (e.g. date venues), social media mentions of these phrases, and traffic to eHarmony UK – to score any given day, with an average day scoring 28.

Happy Anti-Valentine’s Day!

The Lovedex for December is decidedly bleak. In fact, 14th December – Anti-Valentine’s Day – shows a Lovedex score 30% lower than the average day, and six out of the top 10 least romantic days of the year fall in this month. That’s a whole lot of December days where people aren’t focusing on their love lives.

This lack of interest in love and dating has led to one in five (21%) of singles reporting that they go with fewer people in December than they would in an average month, while one in seven (14%) from this group put their love life on hold entirely for the month. Interestingly, this trend is reversed among singles aged 16-24, with 30% of younger singles going on more dates in December!

Festive finances

The increased financial pressures and familial responsibilities that the festive season bring about act as a huge dating deterrent; almost a third of all singles (29%) go on fewer dates so that they can save money for Christmas – 21% more than said they had to do this last year.

Similarly 10% of British singles – 270,000 – will deliberately avoid meeting someone new at this time of year as they’d prefer not to splash out on a romantic Christmas present! Elsewhere, nearly a quarter (23%) of singles is too preoccupied with work to think about love.

Cold hearts

It’s not just work and money that gets in the way of dating at this time of year. The biggest obstacle for men specifically is the temperature – one in three (32%) say that it’s just too cold to go on a date in December. Women are less likely to let chilly weather hold them back; only 12% cite this as their reason for cutting back on dating.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the Lovedex found that the most romantic day of the year is Valentine’s Day, followed by New Year’s Eve – so, let’s all get ready to make trying online dating our New Year’s resolution this year!

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