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If you haven’t planned your Valentine’s Day yet then don’t panic – you’re not alone! This Saturday (February 07) is set to see shoppers across the country snapping up flowers, chocolates, cards and other romantic gifts at record rates according to an eHarmony study.

Dubbed ‘Red Saturday’ this day marks a peak spend for consumers in the run up to Valentine’s Day, with both high street and online shops expecting huge numbers of customers seeking to impress a match with that perfect present.

Such is our infatuation with the 14February that a record spend of £1.9 billion is predicted in 2015, up from £1.3 billion last year. With the average UK shopper forking out £53.38 on gifts for the 14th.

But for some singles Red Saturday has become a day of stressful searching, not just for something to give, but also for someone to give it to.

eHarmony psychologist Dr Linda Papadopoulos said: “While Valentine’s Day can be a fantastic opportunity to spend time with the person you care about the most, many singles can feel unfairly pressured into ‘panic-dating’ to ensure they have a date for the day.”

So if you’re single and feeling pressure to find a special someone in just one week, Dr Linda has compiled some tips to help you take the stress out of Red Saturday:

If you’re single

  1. Don’t Settle – Valentine’s Day is meant to be special, so the last thing you want to do is spend the day with someone you don’t really care for or have any interest in dating. It’s far better to have a date with someone you’re interested in on any other day than it is someone you’re not on Valentine’s Day. If you don’t have a date with someone you really like, then just look at Valentine’s Day like any other day of the week, and don’t think too much about it! Someone special will come along another day when you least expect it.
  1. Mates Dates – If you don’t have a date for Valentine’s Day, why not see a friend instead? Whether you treat yourself to a take-away at home, or go out for some drinks, you’ll have a great time catching up and reminiscing, you’ll forget all about Valentine’s Day.
  1. Step outside of your comfort zone – Why not take the opportunity to do something completely different – try that new exercise class you’ve been thinking about, or learn to do something new you wouldn’t normally do, like sushi making or wine tasting. The thrill you’ll get from learning about something new will make you forget all about Valentine’s Day and you’ll feel really great about yourself. And when you do have a special date lined up, you can tell them all about your new hobby!
  1. Indulge yourself – Why not take this opportunity to really spoil yourself and get some much needed Me-Time? 3/5 of us aren’t getting enough Me-Time, with one and six not getting any at all! If you’re single on Valentine’s Day then this is a great occasion to take a step back from your hectic life and have a bit of a pamper session. Make your favourite dinner, have a long, hot bubble bath (with a glass of bubbly), or even take yourself away for the weekend. It’s the perfect way to take your mind off Valentine’s Day and get some quality Me-Time.
  1. Ignore it – or you can just ignore it altogether. After all, Valentine’s Day is just another day to many people, so why not treat it as such? If you can’t bear looking at happy couples all around you, and don’t want to draw attention to being single, just treat the day like any old day and do what you would normally do.

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