Red Saturday: The UK’s Valentine’s Shopping Habits Revealed


Tomorrow is ‘Red Saturday’ when planning for Valentine’s Day peaks and the spending starts. Get ready with our run-down of the stats that you need to know ahead of the big day

Our latest study has revealed that more than a million eager Valentines are set to spend as much as £29 million this Saturday alone, with singles and couples alike organising dates, booking restaurants and buying gifts for their partners.

Between Red Saturday on the 4th February and Valentine’s Day, Brits will be splashing the cash on:

  • Dinners, with £163 million spent on food and an additional £60 million on drinks
  • £69 million on flowers
  • £77 million on jewellery
  • £42 million on chocolates
  • £52 million on cards

However, overall spending on Valentine’s Day this year is set to be £713 million, a decrease of 34% from 2016. In total the average UK resident will spend £22.57, with people in London, Scotland and the North West spending the most, while those in Wales will spend the least.

This decrease in spending is despite the fact that more people intend to celebrate Valentine’s this year. Even though, if you’re not celebrating then you’re definitely not alone. One in seven singles are planning to spend an average of £13 on alternative activities, including TV binges, extra gym classes, and junk food.

But not everyone is a fan of the annual Valentine’s spending spree. 28% of Brits agree that Valentine’s Day is a waste of money and 9% of those in a relationship admit that they’d ignore it altogether if their partner would agree to.

It’s not all doom and gloom though – 18% of those in a relationship still love the romance of Valentine’s Day, even if it does take its toll on your bank balance!

Battle of the Sexes

eHarmony has teamed up with online gift website Prezzybox to dig a little deeper into how male and female spending habits differ, what age group splashes the most cash, and who buys what: 

Check out our infographic below to find out all:

Infographic Prezzybox love priceless Red Saturday


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