See Your Future Offspring with the eHarmony Babify Button


The Babify button from

Forget flirting and let your DNA do the talking with the new ‘Babify Button’, launched by today.

The exciting new feature lets you make babies with your matches online, simply by clicking a button.

Developed by eHarmony’s top matching boffins using Microsoft Paint and a Mothercare catalogue, the service gives you a glimpse into the future to see what the offspring of you and your matches would look like.

Head of button design Professor Avril Tromper said: “Surely the first question anybody wants to answer when considering going on a first date is ‘what will our babies look like?’, and now they can find out!

“It’s difficult to explain the full science behind the Babify Button, as it’s very complicated and in no way just involves blurring your profile picture with your match’s.

“However, we ran some pretty comprehensive tests and we found that nearly 100% of the time we were able to accurately predict that a couple would have a human baby.”

Following the launch of the Babify Button on April 1 we are also proud to be able to announce other features coming soon to, including:

  • The “Housify Button” – see the home which you and your match would live in together
  • The “Grandkidify Button” – discover what you and your match’s grandkids would look like
  • The “Planetify Button” – find out which planet you and your match’s ancestors will live on in the next century

Okay, we admit it. This was an April Fool’s joke and sadly will not be a real thing on eHarmony! We hope you enjoyed it, look out for more (real) exciting new features coming to our site soon…

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