eHarmony Diaries: Emma’s first post!


Ever wondered about other eHarmony users’ experiences of the service? Well, we’ve invited some of our single users to start writing about their time on eHarmony – no holds barred! These are their words, not ours, so check out their blogs and let us know what you think in the comments. This week we’re really excited to introduce Emma, a 27-year-old barrister from London, who’s bravely agreed to blog for us. Take it away Emma…

Here we go then! I’ve had two previous long term relationships and after the second one ended after two and a half years I was ready to embrace single town…However, after two years of single town I’ve realised that I’m ready for a relationship again.  I started off going out to lots of different places (bars, clubs, events, classes!) in an attempt to meet new people, but it was almost impossible.  Guys just don’t seem to approach girls in the same way anymore.  Many of my friends have already tried internet dating with varying levels of success and everyone I’ve spoken to has said that at the very least it’s been great fun meeting new people.  So, I think it’s high time I embraced internet dating!

I’ve heard some bad press about some of the sites being full of people just looking for one thing (!) so I’ve decided to try eHarmony as it presents itself as a relationship site. Filling in the application form a couple of weeks ago, I have to admit that the process was more than a little taxing.  There were so many questions, many of which I had never even thought about!  I found myself having to ask my friends several of the questions to get their opinions, but this helped a great deal and stopped me from over-analysing every question!  My advice to anyone filling out the form would be to go with your gut instinct and don’t spend too much time dwelling on the questions as your first response will be right.  It was actually a very interesting process as I learnt a lot about myself.  The Personality Profile is also great and summed me up to a tee!  It’s fascinating to read how other people perceive different aspects of your personality and it’s also a good aid to read before a date to see how your date might view you.

Although I didn’t enjoy filling out the Relationship Questionnaire at the time (I couldn’t quite see the point!) I’m now very grateful for the process. Getting my matches sent to me, rather than having to scroll through profiles every time I want to look for someone, is incredibly useful.  All that scrolling would be even more time-consuming and frustrating.  Now my questionnaire is complete and my photos are uploaded I’m getting into communicating with my matches. One guy responded to my Icebreaker (which was ‘I’d love to chat!’ in case you’re interested), with a very funny eHarmony Mail message, and I’m now working on what to say back to him…forget what I said about the questionnaire, this is the hard part!

If this article gave you the confidence to find your match, try eharmony today!

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