The eHarmony Diaries: Karel’s first post!


Following on from eHarmony single Emma’s first post a couple of weeks ago, we’d like to introduce you to our second blogger, Karel! He’s bravely agreed to give us the male perspective on using eHarmony. Karel is 24 and works in PR…go for it Karel!

The little boat of love sets sail

It was all meant to be so simple. Tick a couple of boxes, answer a few multiple-choice questions and invest half an hour into a personality questionnaire. Not an all too taxing affair, I’m sure you’ll agree; after all, I’ve spent longer and pulled out more hairs trying to fill the Census out online. Plus this was all in aid of a much loftier purpose; to find Ms. Right (well, I thought so).

What I had not contended with was actually how little I knew about my ideal Ms. Right. I may not have met her or known her name but surely I knew how old she was meant to be and where she was from? Yet, when given the choice, I suddenly found myself at a loss for answers. In creating my eHarmony account I had held a mirror not only up to her, but also to myself.

I had never previously directly confronted who I wanted Ms. Right to be. Would she live down my road or was my little boat of love willing to sail across the seas to find her? The romantic in me kicked in and wanted to choose the latter, but as I sat there staring at my screen it suddenly dawned on me that I was a lot more rational when it came to affairs of the heart than I had initially thought. Although I could not make out her physical characteristics, I decided that there were some absolute truths that I knew she must possess. Personality wise she was going to be bubbly, outgoing and creative. These three pillars would help steer my naïve, little heart down the fragile shores of love.

I wanted her to be within London and I was also only willing to date girls within a certain age bracket. What had initially started off as a search for my dream girl had developed into the realisation that I really had no idea who I wanted her to be, and that eHarmony had made me sit up and take note of exactly who I was looking for. What had started off as an innocuous foray into the world of online dating was quickly developing into a deeper personal journey that was destined to put the wind in the sails of my little boat of love.

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