Top 5 couple costume ideas for Halloween!


Halloween costumes for couples


Want to raise a few spirits this Halloween? Dying to impress with an awesome costume idea? Want to carve out some good memories for yourself? Of corpse you do!

Okay, we get it, enough of the puns – but seriously, Halloween is a great time to have a bit of creative fun with both your friends and any potential dates you have lined up. Whether you’re an expert in the fancy-dress department or just looking for some inspiration to make your costume stand out, costumes for couples are a great way to get noticed!

Here are our top 5…

1. Sheldon Cooper and Amy Farrah Fowler

Sheldon and Amy

The best part about dressing up as our favourite Big Bang Theory couple is that if you’re feeling a little socially awkward that day, everyone will just think you’re in character!

2. Jack and Coke

jack and coke

It’s simple, but it works. Not many things go together as well as Jack and Coke, maybe you’ll find the same thing true for you and your date.

3. Mr and Mrs Lego

mr and mrs lego

Creepy or just a good bit of fun? Maybe you and your date can build something lasting after wearing these fun Lego costumes!

4. Zombie wedding

zombie couple

Till death do us part? No way! Together forever, even when we’re undead, right?

5. Edward Scissorhands and… a bush?

edward and bush

Clever, funny and a touch of creepy – this one’s our favourite. Just don’t offer to give your date a haircut in the near future!

You can view even more of our couple costume ideas for all occasions over on our Pinterest board.


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