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Although spur-of-the-moment wedding proposals are seemingly popular these days, it’s still those flamboyant, romantic gestures that catch our attention. It’s so much better when they’re caught on film too! The key to all the clips featured here is preparation; the perfect proposal can take years of planning. After all, you only want to ask once, so it’s best to frame the question well.

1. London Comic Con proposal

This clip shows a colourful proposal that takes place during the UK’s biggest comic book convention – the MCM Expo in London. Led into a circle of Spidermen, Jokers, Batmen and characters from Scooby Doo, the bemused-looking girlfriend (Melissa) of the proposer (Yemi) is reduced to tears when a series of banners are unfurled asking her to marry him.

Yemi gets down on one knee and receives an acceptance for his trouble, much to the delight of the assorted superheroes and villains, who close in for a group hug. The proposal is relatively simple and fun, and makes the most of the flamboyant crowd.

2. Plymouth aquarium proposal

This clip is filmed at the National Marine Aquarium in Plymouth, UK. 28-year-old Dave Stevens proposes to his girlfriend, Nicola Sturgess via a sign held up by scuba divers in a fish-filled aquarium in the background.

The proposal works because of the element of surprise. People visiting an aquarium don’t expect to see divers among the fish, still less divers with placards reading, ‘Nicola, will you marry me?’ Apparently the couple, from Farnborough, visited the south-west on holiday every year, so the proposal occurred when the recipient was in relaxation mode and presumably more open to novel experiences.

3. Flashmob proposal

This clip shows a US-style flashmob proposal in Bournemouth, UK. The proposer, Andrew, and his girlfriend, Katie, come across a lone guitarist performing on one of the city’s shopping streets. Before long, he’s joined by street sweepers, waitresses, coffee shop patrons and shoppers. Katie suspects something special is happening when she notices her parents in the throng. The clip finishes with rejoicing after Katie says ‘yes’ to Andrew’s down-on-one-knee proposal.

Though the flashmob proposal is nothing new, it’s still undeniably uplifting. Katie appears to know that she’s about to be proposed to, but this doesn’t detract from the performance. In a way, it’s nicer, as she gets to appreciate the build-up rather than it coming as a complete shock.

4. Online marriage proposal through YouTube clip

This cute clip shows that technology can occasionally be romantic. Filmed on a rooftop, we see our proposer with a series of low-fi props and dressed-up cohorts, explaining why he might make good marriage material and why he loves the recipient. All in, the video lasts just one minute and 30 seconds.

The proposal works on a number of levels. First, the setting is a winner. Rooftops have an inherent magic about them – probably because they signify a world existing above and beyond the everyday living at street-level.

Secondly, the use of video allows its creator full control of the content. In this case, it has been edited to near perfection, with the groom-to-be flawlessly charming throughout. The format also takes the pressure off the person being asked – not everyone appreciates having to make a life-changing decision in front of a crowd.

5. In-flight proposal

This clip shows a couple merrily flying around in a small two-seater plane. The flight descends into terror as the pilot apparently loses control mid-flight. Abject terror is turned to surprise as the girlfriend reads a doctored emergency procedure manual, which outlines the pilot’s love for her and determination to make her a good husband. The ring is then presented, and all is well.

While many have proposed across the tannoy systems on commercial flights, this clip trumps them thanks to the protagonist’s ability to pilot his own aeroplane. While scaring someone by pretending that the plane is going to crash seems a little extreme, in this case it seems to work.

6. London commuter train proposal

This clip shows a musical marriage proposal on a crowded London train – the 19.57 London Overground service to Watford Junction, to be precise. The proposer, Adam King, had arranged for his choir, the Adam Street Singers, to perform a rendition of Bill Withers classic ‘Lovely Day’ to his girlfriend, 25-year-old Lucy Rogers.

The proposal works because of the military precision timing with which the performance and proposal are carried out. Again, the element of surprise is key, as train journeys aren’t typically associated with the exciting or unusual.

7. Street magic proposal

This remarkable proposal takes place in Southampton, and incorporates a street magician. The proposer, Herwin, and his girlfriend, Sonia, appear to stumble upon magician Roger Lapin doing his close-up magic performance on the city’s high street. After performing a few tricks, the magician reveals first a ring box and then a picture with the words, ‘Will you marry me?’ In the meantime, Herwin has assumed the one-knee position to offer the ring to Sonia.

The proposal works because it’s so novel. The magic element is a nice touch, as it primes the potential bride-to-be for surprise. The magician performs his duties well and the other members of the unsuspecting audience add to the experience with their obvious pleasure.

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