Politics officially voted sexy


View of the Houses of Parliament

Sorry Russell Brand, but being a voter is sexy, and eHarmony’s got the proof.

Think of politics and you may well envisage a room full of slick-haired old Etonians arguing over the latest fiscal policies in Europe, not exactly the most romantic of settings, right? However, a new study of eHarmony data shows that a passion for politics can make you more attractive to the opposite sex.

Our figures revealed that singles who express an interest in democracy on their profiles receive more messages from matches than those who don’t.

When it comes to what women want, politics ranks seventh in the list of attractive interests, ahead of pets and photography, and it’s as high as sixth for men.

With the next UK general election just around the corner, what better time to get to know your Nick from your Nigel? Comedian and ‘revolutionary lethario’ Russell Brand may be encouraging people not to vote, but if you’re keen to exercise your democratic right then don’t forget to register to vote by the 20th April 2015. Not only can you have your say on how the country is run, but you may attract your perfect match in the process!

eHarmony’s data scientists worked out the “attractiveness” by measuring how many communication requests people received when they listed different hobbies or interests compared to the average.

So when you fill out that ballot paper on the 7th of May, you’ll not only be having your say in the future of the country, but also making yourself more attractive to the opposite sex! Winning all round.

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