10 Unique Wedding Cakes


10 Unique Wedding Cakes!

Having a chic wedding is generally a top priority for many grooms and brides-to-be. With so much involved from the theme, colour scheme, season, and invitations, it’s easy to miss some of the smaller things such as your wedding cake. Everyone at the reception will be gazing at and indulging in your wedding cake, so whether it’s traditional or more stylistic, you can bet the cake is going to be a talking point when it comes to your wedding.

1. Coming together as one.

Chocolate and Vanilla bride and groom compromise wedding cake - 10 unique wedding cakes

The bride likes vanilla; the groom likes chocolate. What do you do? Both! This wedding cake is also decorated to make the chocolate side look like a tuxedo while the vanilla side looks like a wedding dress. Unique and delicious! That’s what we call a compromise!

2. Flower Power

Elegant wedding cake draped in flowers - 10 Unique Wedding Cakes

Showy and extravagant, say it with flowers! The icing flowers that climb this cake can be made to match whatever flowers you like that fit your theme!

3. Wedding cake or tall pie?

Rustic wedding cake - 10 Unique Wedding Cakes

Rustic but elegant! The addition of powered sugar and berries to this simple cake create a very down to earth and rural feel to match any rustic theme you might choose while still looking stunning.

4. Ruffles have ridges

White square ruffle wedding cake - 10 Unique Wedding Cakes

Like the pages of a book, this square cake has quite ruffled edges. It’s a simple design, but with the added touch of icing pearls and a flower the cake maintains its quaint, feminine appearance.

5. Absolutely magical

Disney wedding cake - 10 Unique Wedding Cakes

Everyone knows at least one person that’s an obsessive Disney fan. This is the cake for them. Climbing up its elaborately detailed tiers are different edible Disney characters leading to Cinderella’s Castle at the top. A true masterpiece.

6. Black and White

Black and white wedding cake with flowers - 10 Unique Wedding Cakes

For a monochromatic themed wedding, no cake would go better than a simple black and white one. Couple that with black and white flowers draped across the tiers to finish the cake and give it some extra class.

7. Spring has Sprung!

Spring wedding cake with flowers - 10 Unique Wedding Cakes

Having a springtime wedding? Nothing says new beginnings like flowers coming out of the table and climbing the cake! This fresh cake design is a perfect fit for those May-June weddings.

8. Class for Days!

Classy white wedding cake with pink flowers - 10 Unique Wedding Cakes

There are no questions here. You are a person of impeccable tastes, and you want, no, NEED to have the fanciest wedding cake in existence. Keeping with a traditional style for 2 tiers, the middle one resembles the finest upholstery. Add a few pink flowers to the cake to make it really pop! Please include us with your invitations.

9. Fall in love with autumnal cake

Autumn wedding cake with apple tree - 10 Unique Wedding Cakes

This cake design plays off of a standard 4-tier cake. To give it that rural autumn feel, it features a long apple tree snaking its way up to the top bearing apples along the way. Appearance is key with this cake, so include some real apples around the cake as well to really cement in the autumn theme.

10. Say Cheese!

Cheese stack wedding cake - 10 Unique Wedding Cakes

How much do you like cheese? Enough to make your wedding cake into a stack of different cheeses? This non-traditional style of cake would be great for those quirky newlyweds who are very conscientious of their diet! That’s one way to eat healthy at a wedding!

Want more?

If you’re looking for more cake-inspiration for your wedding, (or you’re just feeling peckish for cake) then check out our Wedding Cakes board on Pinterest!

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