5 Ways To Break Out of a Relationship Rut


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Has this ever happened to you? You meet someone you really like and your dates are exciting, passionate and tons of fun. Eventually though, you find yourself doing the same things over and over again

Suddenly, your passionate and exciting relationship is, well, boring. You’re in a relationship rut! Don’t panic though. All relationships have their ups and downs, and noticing that things are feeling a bit stale isn’t necessarily a bad thing. If anything, it’s an opportunity for you and your partner to kick things up a notch! Here are five ways to break out of a relationship rut.

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Talk about it

Many times it’s not the relationship rut that ruins the romance, it’s the resentment that comes along with it. It’s easy to blame your partner for not being fun anymore, or not putting in enough effort, but the truth is that it took both of you to get in the rut, and it will take both of you to break out of it! Walk away from the blame game and let your partner know that you’re willing to put the work in to save your love.


Get out of town

No, you don’t need to spend your savings on a month long vacation in Paris, (although you certainly can if you want! but even booking a hotel room in the next town over can breathe new life into your relationship. Getting out of town and away from your routine will allow you and your partner to connect without the distractions and stresses of day to day life.


Make date night a priority

Scheduling time to be together, catch up on the day, and reconnect is crucial to breaking out of a relationship rut. It might seem counter-intuitive to have to “plan” time alone, but in today’s busy world being proactive is a relationship lifesaver. Your date nights can take on any form, it doesn’t need to be the standard dinner date. Leash the dogs up and go on a long walk, get dressed up and hit the town or even stay in and make dinner together. As long as it’s you and your partner, one on one, and in the moment, it will be perfect.


Say “Yes”

Chances are, at the beginning of your relationship if your partner had asked you to do just about anything with him or her, you would have said yes. Go watch a basketball game? Sure! Follow her around the mall shoe shopping? Why not! As time goes by, we start saying no more often because you know you’ll just see the other person later. The next time your partner asks you to do something with them, even it it doesn’t thrill you, say yes. Go along for the extra time together, and show them that you are still as invested and interested as you were in the beginning, if not much more!


Appreciate the Small Things

Instead of looking back at how exciting your relationship used to be, appreciate the way things are now. Sure, laying on the couch watching TV, scrolling through Instagram and eating takeout Chinese food isn’t what most would call a “dream date”, but it is when the person who is right next to you is your dream date. Remember that not too long ago, this was exactly what you wanted — a relationship where you could relax together, be comfortable and just be together enjoying each others company. Don’t worry if every night isn’t candles and rose petals. Sometimes a DVD and a glass of wine with your partner will do just fine.

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