8 reasons a long-distance relationship isn’t for you



If they might be ‘the one’, what’s a few hundred (or thousand) miles? But sometimes, long distance relationships just can’t work. Here are eight reasons you shouldn’t be in a long distance relationship

1. You hate travelling

You can talk on the phone every day, but at some point you’re going to have to get a plane, train or automobile to visit your other half. However, if you get travel sick, travel bored or are simply travel poor, long distance probably isn’t the set up for you. Even if your partner is willing to do most of the travelling, you’ll feel the need to reciprocate at some point.

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2. You trust too easily

As we all know, trust should be at the centre of any healthy relationship. However, if your friends tell you that you trust too easily, then a long distance relationship might not be right for you. If you meet someone, especially online, which whom you may have a long distance relationship, you need to be able to judge quickly whether they are presenting themselves in the most honest manner.

3. You’re a technophobe

In the 21st century, there are infinite ways in which you can keep in touch with someone – as long as you’re techno-savvy. Yes phone calls are great, but they can be expensive, and you can’t always have your phone glued to your ear. If the idea of texting, using Skype, or exchanging emails is alien to you then you might struggle.

4. Long distance hasn’t worked for you in the past

If you’ve had a string of failed long distance relationships, there’s probably a reason why. Take the time to look at any similarities between why these relationships failed, and see if there’s a pattern. Maybe you need the physical closeness more than you realise, or are too idealistic about your relationship.

5. You lack independence

Anyone in a long-term relationship needs to be able to look after themselves. When there isn’t someone to come home to at the end of a hard day, or hang out with on a weekend, it can be tough and you need your own reserves to stop yourself from becoming lonely or simply miserable that your other half isn’t around.

6. You dislike phone conversations

Emailing is easy because you get to think about what you say beforehand, but for a long distance relationship to work you’ll probably need to pick up the phone a few times a week too. If phone calls make you awkward, you might be better off looking for love closer to home.

7. You won’t move

In a long distance relationship one of you is going to have to move at some point, and if you could never see yourself relocating then it’s not the scenario for you. You can’t expect your other half to instantly agree to move jobs, home and away from their friends because you don’t want to.

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8. You’re not sure about the other person

A long distance relationship takes more work than an ordinary relationship, and unless you’re seriously head over heels for your partner and completely committed then you’re not going to make it work.

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