Christmas present expectations in a new relationship


When you are in a new relationship there is a danger that, having not shared a Christmas together before, you will not know what to expect. Here are some suggestions to help you through

Ask questions

When the shops are all tinselled up and laden down with Christmas faire, it’s a good time to start asking questions about Christmases gone by. What was your partner’s happiest Christmas? What presents have they really treasured? If they could have their ideal Christmas what would it be like? Not only will these lines of conversation bring you closer as you get to know more about each other but they will also give you valuable clues as to what is important to your partner in terms of gifts.

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Santa or Scrooge

Some people love Christmas, the cards, presents, carols and all the paraphernalia – they see it as a time to put a lot of thought and effort into being with their loved ones and don’t mind the added expense it incurs. Others see the whole thing as a commercial, expensive, chore that starts in September and creates a lot of needless hype about what is, essentially, just another day. There are of course plenty of people who fall in the middle but knowing how your partner feels about Christmas in general will help you know the kind of presents they would appreciate most. This is especially important if you are radically different in your approaches, better to know early so you can find a place to meet in the middle.

It’s the thought that counts

Whether you have been together for a few weeks or most of 2011 you will have shared some happy times together. Take some time to think about them, flick through any photos you have taken and think about making a personal gift that has significance to your relationship. There are loads of companies that make personalised photo books and calendars, even canvas prints, simply by uploading your photos. If you are creative a drawing, poem or handmade card is always treasured.

Try to think about your partner and what would make them happy. Take Christmas as an opportunity to show how much you care. A small personal gift is often more special than an expensive thoughtless one.

Don’t be a Christmas cracker

Whatever you do don’t go into debt or try to pretend to be something you are not because you want to impress your partner. If you cannot afford to buy your partner a present and are feeling stressed and anxious as a result, it is time to sit down and have an open conversation about it. As uncomfortable as it may seem in the long run you will be giving your partner a gift that will last long after the tree has been taken down – your trust.

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Whatever you do remember Christmas is about love, not money, and you can give and receive that in abundance.

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