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The key to being a savvy single is keeping an open mind about meeting new people. We’re not advocating you head to your nearest swingers’ club, but it’s always worthwhile trying new methods such as online dating and double dating.

Double dating has lots of benefits – it creates a comfortable dating atmosphere, can be great fun, and can help you pair up with couples who have the kind of relationship you aspire to. They require some careful planning, so follow these five tips to ensure your double date is more of a delight than a disaster:

1.    Don’t just choose any couple

Everyone knows couples who are great fun individually, but when they’re together morph into different people. Maybe they’re prone to dramatic fights, or they’re obsessively competitive – either way, you probably don’t want to spend an evening in isolation with them.

It stands to reason that you’ll pick a couple whose company you enjoy, but you might want to consider a couple whose relationship you admire as well. Just as surrounding yourself with happy people makes you happy, the same applies to relationships and being with happy couples.

2.    Do something to suit everyone

The idea of a double date is not only that you enjoy yourselves, but that you all get to know each other better.  For example, sitting in a cinema isn’t exactly group-friendly but bowling is – you can talk whilst you’re doing it, it’s great fun and you can even mix up the teams to change the group dynamic. Alternatively you could do a sushi making class, have a picnic in the park or simply go for dinner.

3.    Act as a group

Remember that not only are you on a date with your partner, but also with two other people. If all four of you don’t engage with each other, then you might as well just be on a single date.  This can be tricky if, for example, three of you are good friends and one person is from outside the friendship circle. Try to vary the conversation to avoid alienating anyone, otherwise they might not want to repeat the experience.

4.    Play it safe

Sometimes when you’re in a couple it’s easy to slip into certain types of behaviour when you relax. But this might make the other couple you are with uncomfortable. Try and be sensitive by following these guidelines:

– Think before you speak: the other couple probably don’t want to hear about your bedroom antics, and your partner probably doesn’t want you revealing something they told you in confidence
– Don’t be too touchy feely: err on the side of caution, PDAs can be hugely off putting to some people
– Remember who you came with: flirting with the other couple is just rude

5.    Enjoy yourself!

Don’t forget the main aim of the evening is to have fun. It’s not about measuring yourselves against the other couple, nor is it a test of your relationship. It is one night out of your life, and if it doesn’t work out, chalk it up to experience and move on.


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