Dealing with family disapproval



By introducing your partner to your family you are telling the world you are prepared to make a big commitment. So, if they react in a negative way it can be a huge blow and make you reassess your relationship – either with your match or your family. The key is not to overreact; any rash decisions may have huge implications. Remember these three things:

1.    The truth – no matter how hard to hear – is important

It will be tough if you are faced with the people you love telling you they do not like your chosen partner. But, before you go on the defensive – a perfectly natural reaction – invite their comments and listen to what they have to say. There will often be some truth in what they’re saying, especially if the same thing is expressed by different individuals.
Take time to be honest with yourself and see if there is anything to what they’re saying. The negative aspects of any relationship are easily ignored when you’re falling in love. Also remember that your family’s views may change as your relationship progresses – then again, they may not.

2.    The truth will help you gain perspective

Negative reactions to your partner will probably create some self-doubt, small doses of which enable us to assess a situation more clearly sometimes. If you are suffering from self doubt, it may be time to be introspective and ask if you know what you actually want from a relationship – and what a healthy relationship looks like. Try to balance your own thoughts and emotions with the comments of your family before making any decision.

3.    Weigh up all your options

The principle of good decision making is assessing all your options objectively, including not only how you feel, but also the opinions of your friends and family. If, after this process, you still believe that you are making the right decision by being in a relationship with your match then you at least know that you have approached the issue carefully and with your eyes open.

In the end it is only you who can choose the match you want to spend the rest of your life with. But by listening to your loved ones, you will be safe in the knowledge that you have made a balanced life decision.


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