Five things women want


What do women want? Well, it’s definitely not to have all their thoughts read in a Hollywood romcom. Of course, the comprehensive guide to what women want is far longer than this list, and changes from woman to woman, but we think we’ve created a good starting point.

Gentlemen, rather than trying to read the fairer sex’s mind, check out our list. It might come in handy on your next date too:

1.    A man who listens

One of the biggest differences between men and women is the way they approach problems. A woman has a problem, thinks about it, discusses it and comes up with a list of solutions. A man sees a problem and reacts instantly with one solution. So, when a woman chooses to discuss her problem with a man – let’s say she has a friend who’s not paid her back some money she lent her – the man will probably react with something like ‘Well, ask her for the money back then’. Problem solved. He wants his female friend, partner or wife to be happy, so he fixes her problem with his solution.

Except….the woman wants to talk about it, mull it over. She wants the man to hear every side of the story – ‘but my friend’s really strapped for cash at the moment’ – before he gives his opinion. Maybe she doesn’t even want an opinion, maybe she just wants a sounding board. Bear this in mind; when a woman talks to you about her problems, she doesn’t necessarily want a straight up solution, she just wants a friendly ear.

2.    To be taken seriously
Imagine you need to change a plug fuse and your girlfriend offers to do it – what’s your response? Do you laugh her off, or do you hand her the screwdriver? If your answer was to laugh her off, you fail the test we’re afraid. The point is, women like to be taken seriously. They like men to recognise that yes, they can do the things men can, even if they don’t necessarily want to do those jobs!

3.    To be thought of
If you’re planning a day out with the boys at the football, ending with a big night in the pub, we’re not saying you need to invite your partner – she probably has something she’d much rather do, and wouldn’t want to encroach on your ‘guy time’. But, let her know what you’re doing in advance. This serves two purposes: it allows her to make her own plans, and tells her that you were thinking of her while you were making your plans. It’s a simple gesture that will gain you a lot of gratitude, and she’ll spare you the same thought too when she’s making her own plans.

4.    To be cherished

Your woman, or any woman you want to be your woman, should be made to feel like the most amazing, beautiful, intelligent woman in the world. She could be standing next to Jennifer Aniston and you’d only be able to look at her. She wants to feel like you can’t help but smile when you see her. This feeling of being cherished will only increase her feelings of love towards you.

5.    To be appreciated
In any good relationship, both partners do things for each other. So, acknowledgment of the things your partner does for you is incredibly important. Women want to know their partners have noticed – and appreciated – the things they’ve done. Whether that’s ironing your pants, mowing the lawn or putting off a family visit for another weekend because you’ve had a terrible week at work and just can’t face it, let her know you’ve noticed she cares. It only takes a moment of your time.

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