How to know when to end a relationship



In order to work out if your current relationship is worth continuing, you need to have a clear understanding of what you want from your partner, and also, who you are as a person

While it clearly can be very hard to end a relationship with someone, once you have made the decision you should take action. There is nothing to be gained from stringing out a dead-end relationship, apart from hurt and blame. Here are three reasons why you should end your dead-end relationship now:

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To cut emotional ties before they grow stronger

The longer a relationship goes on, the stronger the emotional ties become. The sooner you cut these ties, the more you will protect the other person in the relationship. You won’t spare their feelings entirely but you will hopefully save them some heartache.

To allow both parties to move on

While you are both in a relationship – no matter how bad – neither partner will be able to properly move on.  And the longer you let it go on, the harder the relationship will be to end.  In some cases, the couple will get married – many married couples have told me that they knew their relationship wasn’t right before they even walked down the aisle, but they didn’t do anything for fear of hurting each other. This is such a waste of two emotional lives.

To save time

This may sound blunt, but a bad relationship is a waste of time for both parties. If your relationship is going to end eventually, why waste weeks, or even years, deliberating over whether to end it? By moving on as soon as possible you will give yourself more time to find a healthy and fulfilling relationship instead.

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