Post break-up spring clean


Once a relationship is truly over, it’s time to move on, but that is much easier said than done. You will most likely be suffering hurt that the relationship has ended, have lots of questions about how that happened, and on a practical level you’ll have to start rebuilding your life. On the upside, time really does heal, but you’ll need a plan in place to help that process.

Spring clean (literally)

Moving on will be made almost impossible if you’re surrounded with pictures and reminders of your ex. If you can’t bear to chuck them out – and bearing in mind one day you may simply be able to look on them as fond memories – then stash them away somewhere you rarely look. If you have everyday objects like glasses that you used to drink out of that remind you of your ex, buy a new set of glasses. This isn’t a complete solution, but removing these reminders will help.

Forgive then forget

Clinging onto your hatred or regret over your relationship will only hold you back. Forgive your ex, and yourself, for the end of the relationship, and then forget the bad part. Don’t tell yourself that a failed relationship means you’re a failure, these things just happen, as hard as that is. You were courageous enough to choose love, and you will be worthy of love again. If you don’t respect yourself then why should anyone else have any respect for you? Take time out to really appreciate yourself again, before thinking about moving on.

Keep your distance

Post break-up, both you and your ex need some time apart. Even if you’ve decided to be friends, you need to sort your heads out before you’ll be ready to make the shift to a platonic relationship. Depending on the reasons why you broke up, it may be far too easy to slip back into ‘relationship’ mode if you are in touch too soon. Time apart includes, but isn’t limited to, not meeting up, no phone calls, no texts, no emails and absolutely no sex. You also need to be prepared for the fact that as good as your intentions are, you may never be able to be friends.

Fill your diary

In a relationship, for better or worse, people often change. Your hobbies or favourite activities may fall to the wayside to make room for the new person in your life. But, once you’re single it’s time to reclaim that individuality. Whether you want to take up badminton again, or you’ve always wanted to do a language course, post break-up is the ideal time. It will keep you busy, and hold back some of those negative thought patterns you could get trapped in. Essentially, anything that stops you from staring into space and thinking about the ‘good old days’ is a positive thing.

There’s no magic spell, or magic pill that will make your heartache disappear. However, with some time, and a good support network, you’ll find that the pain gets a bit easier to bear. These tips are a good start to opening a new chapter of your life, and you’ll soon find spring is just around the corner.


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