Whirlwind Weddings: 7 things you need to know



Whirlwind weddings can be stressful but that doesn’t mean they’re impossible to organise! If you want to get married as soon as possible, here are 8 things you need to keep in mind

Decide budget and timeline

As soon as you know when you want to get married, decide on a budget and timeline. Whirlwind weddings can be expensive as you don’t have the time to shop around, but there’s still no need to blow the budget! Land on a figure that feels achievable and stick to it. When it comes to establishing your timeline, decide on a date – whether it’s in six weeks or three months – and work backwards. Aim to get a certain number of tasks completed each week so only final touches are left to the last-minute.

Ask for help

The more people you can get involved in planning your big day, the better. Whether that means involving a professional wedding planner (look for someone with experience of whirlwind weddings) or roping in friends or family, delegate as many tasks as you can. You’ll be surprised how quickly party favours and table decorations can come together when you team up with a group of friends on girls’ night. It’ll also make everyone feel more invested in the wedding, which’ll make for a more enjoyable day overall.

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Fix your priorities…

Sacrifices are unavoidable when planning a quick wedding. Take time at the start of your planning process to outline your non-negotiables. Do you want all your friends and family to be there or would you be happy with a smaller guest list and great venue? Would you rather allocate more budget to your dress than worry about a free bar? Decide on your five main priorities as a couple and use them to tailor your plans and create the wedding you really want.

…but keep an open mind

So, you’ve always dreamed of having a spectacular multi-tiered wedding cake, but the wedding is two weeks’ away and it would take at least four to make. What do you do? Cancel the wedding or compromise? You might find that the alternative is better than what you’d originally imagined anyway. The truth is that it’s virtually impossible to have everything go your way when planning a whirlwind wedding. Be prepared to compromise on anything that you’ve not identified as a priority. We promise, it’ll make you much happier in the long-run.

Have a night off

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when wedding planning and make everything about the big day. This applies even more with whirlwind weddings. It might feel impossible, but it’s important to carve out time that you and your partner can spend together without thinking about the wedding. Try to reserve at least one evening a week for the two of you. Head to the cinema, go bowling, or take a trip to an art gallery – anything that will keep your brain busy – and ban all wedding talk for the duration of the date. Not only will it be good for your relationship, but you’ll have more energy and enthusiasm when you do get back to planning.

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Trust the venue

Many wedding venues specialise in whirlwind weddings. Hotels, country houses and registry offices often have a great deal of events experience and can offer dedicated teams to help. If your venue does offer this service, take advantage of it. They’ll likely have a network of contacts in place and be able to negotiate the best deals with fast-moving florists, bakers and chauffeurs.

Consider eloping

If the thought of planning a big wedding in a matter of weeks brings you out in a cold sweat, why not elope? Elopements epitomise whirlwind weddings. Simply head to Gretna Green or book a last-minute flight to Vegas, pick up one or two friends or family (or just ask strangers to act as witnesses) and you can be married in a matter of hours!

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