How to be charming, confident and charismatic on your first date


Charming confident first date

Do you get nervous when on a first date? Here are three top tips to keep in mind when you want to feel charming, confident and charismatic on a date from confidence coach Annie Ashdown

It’s completely normal to get nervous when dating. I used to suffer terribly. I was either too passive or too arrogant. My fear of being rejected was enormous.

In fact, I was so scared of dates walking away that I did whatever I could to get them to like me. It should come as no surprise that I didn’t have many second dates.

Date tip 1: Awareness

Confident people are aware of their body language, tone, and communication skills. They enjoy the spotlight as they know it empowers them. Take a moment to become more aware of the habits you have that don’t bring the results you desire.

I’m not saying that you should try to be someone you’re not. I’m asking you to become aware of your behaviour and ask yourself some important questions. Do you drink too much? Play with your phone? Speak about yourself without showing much interest in your date? Do you reveal too much about yourself? Do you mumble? Or expect too much from a first date?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, stop now. These are not winning strategies.

Date tip 2: Visualise

The night before your date, spend 5 minutes visualising yourself as confident, charismatic and charming. Imagine being positive, open, and having a great time. Step into that vision. Feel it, imagine it, sense it and breathe it. This is a powerful exercise that changes your energy and mind set profoundly.

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Date tip 3: Make it happen

Smile and dress up. Talk slowly, show genuine interest in what your date is saying and ask questions. Act as if you’re with an old friend. Be natural, use open body language, and make sure you have direct eye contact. Maybe even compliment your date and engage with the conversation in a sincere way.

When I stopped behaving too cool and started being charming, charismatic and confident I found that everything changed. And I got different results.

So, drop the old habits that no longer serve you. It doesn’t take any special skills, just the willingness to make changes.

The more we seek approval, the less we get. The less we seek approval, the more we get. Wanting to be liked at any cost is not being true to yourself. Don’t take my word for it, find out for yourself. Get out and make it happen.

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