5 resolutions you CAN break this year



At the end of very year, most of us will come up with our resolutions for the coming twelve months. And often they will be the same few from the year before – ‘find love’, ‘get fit’, ‘give up [insert favourite thing here]’ etc.  The fact is that if you have a list of resolutions you’ve broken year after year, why is the following year going to be any different? Instead of making a list of resolutions you’ll break by January 7th, why not resolve to forget these five resolutions?

1.    Waiting for the spark

Passion, contrary to popular belief, requires your input. If you go on a date waiting to be turned on by your partner, you’ll probably be sorely disappointed. By loving your life and not just waiting to be loved, you’ll feel passion where you least expect it.

2.    Looking for your ‘ideal’ partner

If you hold in image of your perfect man or woman in your mind, it can stop you from seeing something amazing that’s right in front of you.  Relationship expert Rhonda Britten points out that most happy couples don’t fall in love at first sight – they develop their feelings over time. This allows them to discover they are compatible on the important things such as family and finances.  If you’re unsure about a date, give them a second chance.

3.    Obsessing about your weight

At the start of a new year it’s very tempting to say ‘I’m going to lose a stone in the coming months’, thinking that a goal will motivate you. But, if you don’t see the pounds drop off, it’s likely you’ll be come demotivated and slip back into bad habits. Instead of resolving to lose weight, choose to do something that will help your goal, such as eating more fruit and veg, or walking instead of driving everywhere. You won’t see the results a crash diet would get you, but you’ll be setting yourself up for a much healthier lifestyle and life-long weight loss.

4.    Striving for perfection

There’s no such thing as perfection – whether we’re looking for it in ourselves or others. Rather than measuring yourself against other people, concentrate on what you can do well. If you feel like you never get everything done in a day that you need to, then you’re probably setting yourself too many tasks. Write up your to-do list and circle the three things you really need to do, and leave the rest for another day. Also, if you feel your time is constantly under pressure, learn to say no. You don’t need to attend every event, or group to show your interest.

5.    Not putting yourself first

To love someone else is a great thing, but it’s also important to (cliché alert) love yourself. Britten says that loving someone else without loving yourself creates resentment and eventually you burn out. If you don’t feel loved, it may well be that you simply don’t take enough time on yourself. It’s time to take care of you.

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