5 terrible things you should never say in response to “Why are you single?”



Most unattached people dread the “Why are you single?” question, which some relatives and even strangers think is an appropriate question to ask. Unfortunately it does happen, so at the very least make sure you don’t find yourself uttering any of these gems…

1.       “I’m ugly and I’ll die alone”

Self-pity is very unattractive, and also really hard for the asker to respond to. They either end up agreeing, or saying ‘No you’re not!’ and sounding patronising. If this is something you’re tempted to say, ask yourself why, and what this might indicate about your personality. The truth is that positivity attracts positivity, and while it can be very hard to be positive if you’ve been single for a long time, it’s essential you believe you deserve happiness if you want to meet someone special.

2.       “I’m just FAR too amazing for most of the people I’ve met”

For some people, their response to this question is the complete opposite of #1 – they greet every question like this with extreme enthusiasm and positivity, which unfortunately comes across as insincere or boastful. There’s nothing wrong with being confident but make sure you don’t go too far in the other direction!

3.       “Probably because I’ve only just met you, sexy!” *wink*

If the person who asks you this question is single and attractive, then potentially they’re asking because they’re interested in you – which is great! Don’t blow it by coming across as desperate! For some people this kind of response is very off-putting; they didn’t ask to be involved in your own personal sitcom.

4.       “I have huge issues with commitment. Wait till I tell you how my last relationship ended…”

Whether the poor person who’s dared to ask you this question is either your Great Aunt Jean or the attractive guy/lady at the coffee shop, they definitely won’t have bargained on you launching into a long ramble about how awful your love life is. Save that subject for your mates, or your diary.

5.       “Why don’t you &!%%&! !!&**&&?”

We appreciate that the question “Why are you single?” is not the most tactful of things to ask a single person, especially as it’s very hard to answer. However, it’s most likely that the person asking didn’t mean any harm so they really don’t deserve and earful of expletives from you. If the question really offends you then take the honest approach and calmly say, with a smile, “I really don’t like answering that question. Can we talk about something else?”

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