A date with the TV? 5 things to do on lonely nights in!


party for one
Being home alone doesn’t have to be a sad and lonely experience, there’s plenty you can do which will help lay good, solid foundations for when you do find someone you want to be with.
Being happy in your own company is an important prerequisite to being in a healthy relationship. For some people it’s the most natural thing in the world while others will do anything to avoid being on their own. Whichever end of the spectrum you’re at too many nights with only the X Factor or Strictly Come Dancing for company can leave you feeling dejected. Here we suggest you turn the TV off and put those nights in to good use!

1. Call someone
Not spoke to your parents in a while? Got a friend who lives far away that you haven’t been able to make time for? It’s easy to get into the habit of communicating with people solely through text messaging and IM, so why not make the most of this quiet time and actually chat? It’s a great way to stop yourself feeling lonely without having to spend money on transport, food and drink too and shows the people who are important to you that you’ve not forgotten about them.

2. Cook something awesome
Whether you’re a seasoned chef or very inexperienced, it can be a lot of fun to blast out some of your favourite tunes while trying out something new in the kitchen! Good food can really lift your mood and who knows, maybe you can try your recipe out on a date sometime too. Don’t forget to share the pictures on Facebook later so your friends know what they’re missing out on 😉

3. Pampering
Guys, don’t think we’re leaving you out here! Regardless of your gender, a night of personal pampering will make you feel good about yourself. Whether it’s a bubble bath with candles, a bit of personal grooming or just a nice bottle of wine, make sure you give yourself a few treats from time to time and don’t just rely on your dates.

4. Be nostalgic
Read your old diaries. Get your photo albums out. If you don’t have any albums, scroll back through older images on Facebook, in your phone, or on old hard drives. It can be therapeutic to see pictures of happy times, however it could also be a good time to clean out your closet. If you find it hard to get rid of old photographs, letters and gifts from an ex, then it may be that you haven’t properly moved on from them.

5. Learn something new
There’s plenty of tutorials out there on the internet, why not try to do something you’d never dreamed of doing before? Whether it’s web design, photography / photo editing, playing an instrument or even dancing, you’ll find something for everyone, no matter your experience. New skills can lead to new hobbies and interests, and these can all lead to meeting new people.

Through all of this, make sure you have some fun! Put on your favourite tunes, pour yourself a glass of your favourite drink, let your hair down and have a party for one.

Dance as though no one’s watching
Sing as though no one’s listening
Love as though you’ve never been hurt
Work as though you don’t need the money.
Live as though it’s heaven on earth
Alfred D. Souza

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