Are you a drama queen (or king)?



Finding love is never plain sailing but it needn’t be accompanied by melodrama. If you’re addicted to the thrill of your life being out of control or flit between from passionate highs to being an emotional wreck, you are probably causing yourself and others unnecessary stress. Luckily, there’s good news for drama queens.

Research shows that as we grow older we generally become more agreeable – most notably after the age of 50. ‘The changes that generally occur in personality with age are that most people become more warm, confident, responsible and calm,’ says eHarmony Chief Scientist Dr Galen Buckwalter. But making this transformation requires effort. Read on to find out if you’re addicted to drama and what you can do to change.

You have unnecessary histrionics

If your partner doesn’t answer your phone calls do you immediately think the worst? If they’re running a few minutes late for a date do you immediately tell them off?

It’s not unjustified to be concerned but before jumping to rash conclusions, make sure you understand why they’re acted like they did. If they can give you good reason, forgive and forget.

You go too far

Many people think that getting in the last word means winning an argument. Actually, some disputes are best left alone for a while, giving both people the chance to cool off and think about what they’re saying. In the heat of the moment, it’s easy to say things you don’t mean and can’t take back. If you think that an argument is getting too intense, take a step back and tell your partner that you would rather revisit it when the emotions have cooled.

You constantly seek attention

Everybody likes to feel loved but some people need constant affirmation of this. Think about what motivates your behaviour and the reaction you are craving. Neediness is never attractive and can destroy your chances of finding love. Do some self-reflection and work out your strengths to boost your inner self confidence. This will stop you from relying on constant praise and affection.

You get a rush from turbulent relationships

Do the theatrics of difficult relationships give you a thrill? Look at the damage they can create too. Destructive relationships will leave you worse off in the long run. When trying to find love, think about what you want in the future.

If you constantly seek drama, take a look at your past in order to work on the future. Examine previous relationships and look at what worked and what didn’t. Establish where you promoted drama and work out how you can avoid it in your current or next relationship. You and your partner should be trying to get the most positive experience from spending time together.

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