Autumn – why it is the best time to be in love


The tan is fading, the holidays are behind you and Christmas is just around the corner. For some autumn can seem like a sad and depressing time of year. But, every season has its advantages in terms of dating and relationships and we at eHarmony think that autumn wins in terms of romance. Here’s why.

The shortening days
Although it’s sad to see the end of the summer as the nights draw in, autumn can bring with it opportunities to deepen and develop our relationships. As with all of nature the fewer hours of sunlight (clocks go back on 30 Oct) also engender in us a feeling of wanting to slow down, get cosy and turn our focus homewards. We are more likely to want to spend time indoors with our partners in the evenings and this brings with it the chance for more intimacy through conversation, cuddling on the sofa in front of a good film or playing board/computer games together etc. If the relationship is very new it may well be the first time you visit each other’s homes, cook for each other and see each other’s home world.

The stunning autumn colours
Now more than at other times of the year, the colours of nature are stunning and we are surrounded by natural abundance. Studies have shown that walking side by side with someone can make you feel more open and honest when talking about your feelings than sitting face to face. If you or your partner are a bit shy, walking together hand in hand through piles of crisp autumn leaves can really help to open you up.

Happy memories
Scientists have shown that we are more likely to fall in love with someone if the things we do with them remind us of other happy times. We may not have known the person for very long but doing something together that evokes good memories helps us to feel they are no longer a stranger.

Wherever you live you are bound to have a park or woods somewhere nearby to explore and collecting leaves, conkers and acorns can bring back happy childhood memories for many of us.  It can make a lovely date to go picking apples and blackberries together as the sense of shared purpose will bring you closer together. If one of you can bake a nice pie or crumble with the fruit you collect all the better.

There are lots of chances to celebrate in the autumn and these are great opportunities for dates. Halloween is not just for kids but can be a great opportunity to dress up and go to a party together or sit in and watch a scary film.

Bonfire night has become a huge celebration in many parts of the country with most communities putting on elaborate displays  for a fraction of the cost of buying a box of fireworks. There is something really romantic about getting your hat and mittens on and sharing a warming drink while watching the display. These are memories to treasure.

Whatever you do together this autumn it can be thought of a bit like the squirrels collecting their nuts – the happy memories you create will be the ones you draw upon through the winter, the more you have the closer you will be.


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