Dating UK: the five essential girl mates


True friends are there for each other come rain or shine. They see men, jobs and crises come and go and through it all provide a shoulder to cry on or the offer of a night out to just forget it all. They tell you when you’re just not pulling off the latest look – ‘PVC leggings? Really?’ – but they’re also there to listen to your tales (good and bad) of the dating scene.

We’ve identified who we think are the five essential friends every woman should have. Does this sound like your friendship group, or have we missed off someone important? Let us know in the comments below.

1.    The Honest One
This friend will, like your mother, always give you the truth. You’re best off not turning to her when you’re feeling a bit sensitive, but when you know you need the cold hard facts she’ll be there. She always means well, she just doesn’t have time for mollycoddling – and sometimes that’s exactly what you need.

Out of all your friends, she’ll be the first – and possibly the only – one to tell you your new boyfriend is a waste of space. She’s also great to have around when someone else needs putting straight. Bad service at a restaurant? She’ll happily tell the manager exactly what he can do with his over-inflated bill!

2.    The Mummy

In any friendship group there’s one person that always knows what to do. If you’re going on a trip together she’s the one who does the organising, and if you’re laid up with flu she’s the one who comes round with home-made soup to nurse you. She lets you bawl on her after a break-up and she’ll have some practical advice on getting over him too.

Sometimes it feels like The Mummy has an answer for everything, and perhaps she does, but it can be a bit grating. Don’t let it make you regress to being a child again and remember that she only has your best interests at heart. Also remember that sometimes Mums need looking after too.

3.    The Positive One
Her mantra is ‘as long as it makes you happy, then I’m happy’. Whether you’re feeling down after an argument with a colleague or need some encouragement to make that big move abroad, your positive friend will always have a good word to say. Unfortunately, for those times when you really want to just be left alone to wallow in your misery her relentless positivity will probably get a bit irritating. The important thing to remember is that just because she’s always ‘up’ doesn’t mean that your bad mood won’t affect her. If her positivity is irritating you, remove yourself from her company before you hurt her feelings.

4.    The blokey one
By which we mean, the friend who is a guy.  He’s the guy you’ve known for years, with whom there are absolutely no romantic undertones (either there never were, or you worked them out ages ago) – if anything he’s more like a brother to you. He gives you the male take on everything, including your romantic problems. Just remember that he’ll give you succinct answers to your dilemmas, rather than poring over the detail: that’s how the male brain works.

5.    The Party Animal
Need to crack out your dancing shoes? Need someone to go speed dating with and drink a little bit too much wine? The Party Animal is your girl. She doesn’t judge, she’s up for trying anything new, and best of all she’ll help you forget the humdrum of everyday life. Just don’t confuse her with someone who’ll be there for you when you need to offload the woes of a bad week – she’ll be out partying instead.

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