Five ways to keep in touch with your youth



In retrospect, it seems bizarre that we spend all of our teenage years wishing we’re older and then one day we’re suddenly desperate for the checkout bloke at Sainsbury’s to ID us for a bottle of wine. And while staying out all night in our 20s seemed our idea of heaven, in our 30s and beyond staying in to watch X-Factor whilst browsing online personals seems a far better idea.

In every single person’s life there comes a time when we start to think about the things we could be missing out on, like engagement, marriage and extending our family. And of the UK’s 20 million singles, 85% are over 35 according to the Office of National Statistics – which leaves a lot of UK singles perhaps not feeling as young as they once were. So, here are five ways to stay truly young at heart:

1.    Widen your horizons

Routine is comforting, especially as we get older, and there’s nothing wrong with having structure. But it can also prevent us from grabbing exciting opportunities when they come along. If you’re honest with yourself, you can probably think of a recent opportunity that you missed because it put you out your comfort zone. Maybe it was the chance to join a salsa class, or the offer of a coffee from a friend of a friend – whatever, promise yourself that next time something exciting comes your way, you’ll go for it. It’s amazing how re-energising doing new things can be.

2.    Be proud of your age – and experience

Age may bring wrinkles, but it also brings with it life experience, which we can be hugely thankful for. Whether it’s a broken heart or two, living through redundancy or one of countless other things, this life experience makes us all the stronger.  And which of us would really want to return to the naivety and awkwardness of youth?

3.    Be a risk taker

We’re not talking about selling up and opening a beach bar somewhere in Thailand, nor are we saying you should take up naked skydiving. Mortgages and pensions make us all cautious for a good reason, but sometimes we can become too cautious. Now is the time to make the leap and start taking risks again; but this time, they can be the calculated risks of maturity, rather than the uninformed risks of youth. So, instead of jacking it all in to travel round the world, you’ll save up and take a sabbatical from work to do that dream trip you never thought possible.

4.    Get out there

These new experiences aren’t going to come and knock on your door, so now you’ve decided it’s time for a change, get out and start looking for them.  Online dating is a brilliant way to meet new people, but it’s not your only resource – try a new class, visit a new bar or simply start talking to people more at work and in your everyday life.

5.    Don’t judge on age

In life, and especially when it comes to dating, no one wants to be judged on their age. Just as you wouldn’t want someone to dismiss you because you are a few years older or younger than their personal ‘age-range’, don’t do the same yourself. If someone contacts you who’s older or younger than you, but appears compatible in many other ways, give them a chance. You’ve got nothing to lose.

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