How to be your most attractive self in 2010



There’s no denying that everyone wants to be considered attractive, especially when they’re looking for someone to share their lives with. In our minds, attractiveness leads to more opportunities and so a greater likelihood of dating success. It’s not a fixed entity though, as there are ways to enhance your own attractiveness. Here are five ways for you to work toward attracting that special person into your life by being your more attractive self.

Beauty is only part of the equation

Every day we are inundated with images of what magazines and television perceives beauty to be. We all, men and women alike, have developed a false idea of what physical beauty is – and as a result most of us, apart from the supremely confident, end up feeling we don’t live up to this image.

If you were hoping this would be an article on how to get celebrity hair, or a beach body, you’ll be disappointed.  This is about the bigger picture of how you feel about yourself and your attitude towards other people. If you’re not convinced, think about the ‘average’ looking person you know who seems to inexplicably always attract the opposite sex. They have this inner attractiveness.

Here are five ways for you to work toward attracting that special person into your life by being your most attractive self:

Be confident

It’s safe to say that we would all prefer to be around someone who is comfortable in their own skin, rather than someone who is constantly berating themselves. You should work out what makes you feel confident, what you can offer the world, and what you can offer a partner. When you’ve got this sorted, you’ll radiate confidence and become that person people want to spend time with.

Be passionate

There’s something about talking to someone who really loves their job, or their hobby, that makes them instantly more attractive. If, when someone asks you about your job or your hobbies, you can’t muster any enthusiasm, think about making a change. Take up something you’ve been meaning to do for a while; by doing things that make you feel yourself, you’ll rekindle that excitement within yourself.

Be expressive

It can be a genuine joy to talk to a good conversationalist, as they make you feel interested and interesting. If you know you’re not a born conversationalist, make an effort to improve your communication skills and practise them each time you talk to someone.

Be interested

By expressing an interest in someone you are talking to you will gain a positive reaction from them. This is a very powerful, and often neglected, trait. Next time you’re chatting to a member of the opposite sex, try this and gauge their reaction – we predict you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Be optimistic

Positivity tends to breed positivity, and the opposite is true for negativity. If you see yourself as a glass half empty type of person, consider altering your approach to life. The fact is, few people like to be around someone who is always pessimistic, so be honest with yourself about how you appear to other people.

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