How to have a PMA going into 2012


It can seem as though others have all the luck. They are lucky in love, get the big breaks and are always having amazing adventures. The good news is that you too can become one of those people simply by developing a more positive way of interacting with the world. Here are some simple strategies to help you make 2012 your best year yet.

Live your own life
If you are constantly trying to be the person others want you to be you are cheating yourself out of your own dreams. What do you want out of life? A good way to find out is to look at where you want to be in five years time. Look at every aspect of your life – work, relationships, hobbies, health, where you live and what you do with your spare time. Really put some time and effort into this exercise, some people like to get a large sheet of paper and map it all out, finding pictures in magazines of their ideal home etc. Once you are clear where you want to be plan your daily routine to include at least one or two elements that bring your goals closer.

What did you learn?
We cannot always control what happens to us but we do have choices about how we respond to it. The people we really admire in society often aren’t those who have never had any suffering, it is those who have been through terrible ordeals and emerged smiling and grateful that they are still alive.

When you look back over your life, and everything that has happened to you, you can choose to see yourself as a victim or as a survivor. All the heartache, pain and suffering you have experienced helped to make you the person you are today. By starting to view it differently you have a much better chance of coming to terms with even the most traumatic events and making your future different from your past.

Forgive and forget
Forgive the person but not the act. Whoever has hurt you, whatever they did, however unjustified, cruel and unfair it was holding onto it is only going to hurt you. Having a resentment against someone is like taking poison yourself and hoping the other person will die – it makes you sick and they aren’t affected at all if they are no longer in your life.

Use the New Year as an opportunity to let it all go. Look at the experience and see what positive lessons you learned from it. Forgiving the person doesn’t mean that you condone their behaviour or make it ok it simply means that you become ready to let it go and move on with your life without them living ren- free in your head. Getting rid of any emails, photos or mementos associated with that person, or that period in your life, can really help.

Slow down
When constantly pressed to finish tasks, you can develop a negative attitude towards life. If time is a commodity, figure out how you can manage all your responsibilities more efficiently. Just by rising 15 minutes earlier each day, you will have the time to enter the day at a much calmer pace.

Write a gratitude list
Make a list of all the positive aspects in your life. Include your achievements and positive personality traits. Read the list when you need a mental boost.

Step out of your comfort zone
Sometimes a negative attitude is simply the result of feeling a little jaded and bored of our daily routine. The best ways to counteract this are either to do something that scares you or to learn something new. It doesn’t have to be every day but you can make a commitment to yourself to break your routine whenever you can and do something new that gets your heart racing a little. Going on dates with matches who you wouldn’t normally consider or who live a bit further afield fits the bill perfectly.

Help others
Instead of always thinking what you can get from the world think about what you can give. If you want 2012 to be a rewarding year remember the more you give of yourself to others the greater the rewards.

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